Under the Saddle


Currently horseless, and taking applications for the perfect partner in crime.

Horse History:

“O” or Dunham ‘N Diamonds, bay appendix mare.  Owned from 2013-2016

0 thoughts on “Under the Saddle”

  1. She looks ever so slightly like my guy, Major. Her snip is bigger and he has no white on his legs. Similar body type…he’s built more like an Appendix, for a Thoroughbred.

  2. This is a weird coincidence. I lost my first halter I bought Knight when he came to be my horse 2 years ago. Anyway, it’s the same one O is wearing in that picture! I don’t know how one loses a halter. It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve obviously moved on and he is not halter-less, but I still try to figure out where it might be. LOL!

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