Help Me Shop: Western Boots

My birthday was this past week, and my husband gifted me the one thing I made him promise to not pick out on his own (because I want to do it!). He’s buying me my very first pair of western boots.

Ariat_10021620_15 Large

These seem nice!

I live in cowboy boot country (maybe not as common as TX though), and while it wasn’t love at first sight, the past few years I’ve been slowly getting behind this look!  My husband didn’t help since he has a problem with people who’ve never seen livestock, let alone worked with them, buying up boots.  I just roll my eyes, the guy grew up on a cattle ranch, he’s allowed to have some opinions about our city cowboys if he really wants to.  Whatever, he married a city girl after all.

Anyway, I decided that at this point in my life I would really like my own pair.  I’m tired of wearing my paddock boots around the ranch when we are there, plus I’m now trying to extend the life of my tall boots, so it’d be nice to have a pair to toss on when I’m just puttering around the stable/tacking up/whatever.  I’m excited to go pick out some, and try them on, but I’m pretty clueless.  My husband swears by Ariat, but I want to know more.  CobJockey also did a great review recently, which seems to put another vote in favor of Ariat boots.

My Shopping qualifications:

  • Height of boot to not look stupid on my tall frame – I’m 5’10”
  • Ease of break in
  • Heel is reasonable, as previously mentioned I’m plenty tall on my own
  • I think I prefer brown, something neutral – please nothing super loud, that’s not my style
  • It needs to last me, I get attached to my shoes
  • Pricetag under $250


Speak to me people!  Anyone have experience with western styled boots?  Passionate feelings about certain brands?  I know in some places it’s a culture, to me it’s just footwear, so I need any insider knowledge.  I’d welcome any opinions you want to share!

photo 4 (2)

The last pair of boots I’ve bought.


Camera Roll Updates: October 2016 Edition

I had about 5 half finished posts that just didn’t seem to get done…and then life happened and I didn’t know how to catch up.  But now I’m decided-here’s the down low on where I’ve been/what I’ve been up to according to my phones camera roll (pretty this idea is stolen from Emma!):

Here we go!

I’ve been riding a lot.

Spot the baby keeping watch…

My daughter rode her pony of the first time.

And then, her first “full size” horse because it’s her Dads mare and we couldn’t resist how excited she was to see the horses.

I stole this spicy little western mare for the annual family trail ride.

I got rear ended on the highway and luckily was able to drive away.  Missed my riding lesson though.

I drank some wine.

I found this painting that I think I need for my dining room.

And I rigged up a new way to get snacks to #tinyequestrian while I ride.

Snacks buckled onto the little human.

I experienced my first Oktoberfest!  Then split a bottle amongst work friends on a downtown rooftop.

Also, she stands and kind of walks…lord help us!

Goals for the next few weeks:

1. Get some media of the fancy Deedee in action!

2. Actually finish a blog post, or thought or….

Quiet Sundays

I imagine that all barns have a ‘quiet’ time when there seems to be less horses and less crazy happening.  Since I work 8-5, I rarely get to enjoy these moments.  Somehow this Sunday I got to the stable before anyone else, and was able to lavish attention on, groom and tack up before another soul showed up.  Well minus this guy…he was obviously a bit lost.

He was just checking out the facilities.

Anyway, I was able to hop on with another adult rider and get my walk/trot work in before the crazy started.  O was quiet, lazy in the humidity and seemingly sound!  I pushed her a bit more today, and now we’ll see how she recovers tomorrow.  Overall, she feels good, but I will say the time off has made her a little sour towards “hard” work, so I definitely got my exercise too!

We’re Back! (Mostly)

Wednesday was gorgeous out.  I couldn’t resist getting on the pony and taking it for a cruise.  My trainer happened to be out there and wanted to see her move around.

She was swingy, perky and didn’t seem to be bothered by anything.  From the ground you can see better how she’s landing on that ouchie foot.

First word, and best words out of my trainers mouth, “it looks pretty darn good”.  I wanted to whoop or fist pump.  But I’m not that cool; so I reeled that sh*t in and settled for happily bouncing around on my very patient little horse.

This is what I was doing. Just mentally.  Thanks for the image Google.

The plan is to continue lightly riding her this week, walk, trot, maybe a little canter mixed in, and see if the soreness continues to decrease.  Of course, I made my trainer repeat it again, just so I could hear the positive diagnosis. She changed her words, probably because I was being obnoxious, and then called her “mostly” sound.  Whatever, still more internal whooping happening over here.

No more hand's time to get back to work!

No more hand grazing….it’s time to get back to work!

This weekend, my horse and I will do fun things.  I’m excited, and ready to get this show back on the road.  O and I both got a little fat during this month off, so now it’s on to find that happy fitness place for both of us.

I’ll Take It

It happened ya’ll!  I rode my horse!  

Yes, it was only at the walk and trot, but hot damn it felt great.  It was perfect weather, fun people were all out riding, and after seeing her lunge a bit Trainer cleared her to start some light work!  

She’s still landing a bit funny every few steps, as if trying to protecting the foot.  But now it’s so minor we don’t know if it actually hurts or she has just been doing it for almost a month and doesn’t realize it won’t hurt anymore.  And it’s so SO much better than even just last week.  

Either way, we both know that my horse does better with work.  She actually felt pretty great most of our ride.  She was forward, pretty relaxed for not being ridden in 3+ weeks and behaved like a rockstar.  I didn’t do much, but I also couldn’t stop smiling.  Progress people, I’ll take it.

she rocks at selfies

Balancing It Out

Here in the Midwest it is toasty 40 degrees out and so pretty much everyone is out riding.  Except for me….between O pony being a bit footsore (suspected from being an idiot in the field) for our lesson Monday, quickly followed by a very, very sick husband I’ve ridden once this week.  Pony was back on board to ride but personal things, and a massive work load keep interfering with my ride times.

Random cute pony face.

Random cute pony face.

So what do you all do when you can’t ride and it’s no fault of your horse?   Do you ask a friend to ride?  Let them munch hay and practice being a lawn ornament?  What do you think?

 I sent out a pleading “Hi Trainer, anyone (legit) around the barn to ride my pony?” text yesterday after needing to go home instead of the barn.   Of course I would never do this with just anyone, my trainer is great, and I know she would never put anyone on my horse who would put her in any harm.  Now I can feel a bit of jealousy cropping up because it is really nice outside, but the bottom line is I need to be able to be available for my family as well.

Summer love.

Summer love.

Balancing life can be complicated.  And I’m whining—— time to stop.

Perks=Farrier is coming in the next few days to get O’s tootsies trimmed up before we head to a local horse show a week from Sunday.   Fingers crossed this “nice” weather sticks around for the show!

Stormy Wednesday

After my not so pretty lesson Monday I was pretty excited for O and my early morning (6am) ride today! The barn is usually deserted and we have some quiet time together before the chaos of me getting my butt across town, showered, professionalized (dress code at work) and onto the day job.

However, today was a whole different enchilada. It was STORMING, like crazy cats and dogs style rain with lightning and thunder to match. Visibility was pitiful and I found myself on the floor of my bedroom stalking several weather websites hoping for good news. I got zero. It was going to pour rain all morning, and get beautiful about the same time I would be sitting through training at work.

I’m sure O is pretty excited about her training day actually being a vacation to cram herself full of hay and hit on her new stall neighbor (very cute bay TB). I, on the other hand, was totally bummed though! I was on a “let’s get that fixed” kick, and want to get started ASAP. Grr. I really love my job, but thought this was cute and fit the moment.


Good news though, we still have all 4 shoes! Hurray!