The Horse Show Curse

I think everyone has, at one point or another, witnessed or been victimized by the the horse show plan curse.  You send money, time, and effort getting ready for horse shows, planning…then bam….horse throws her shoe, or goes lame, or stops jumping jumps, or you get the flu.  Whatever.  But I swear it is a real thing.

This Ugly Sweater/Holiday horse show curse, is a teeny bit different. (At least for now)

It went from 50 degrees last weekend/Monday….to 16 degrees today.  It is painful to be outside for very long, and even the powder puff highland pony wannabe Dee, is not so sold on the temperatures.  We’ve still managed in a lesson (while it was a toasty 22 degrees), but I think I’m ditching all my Christmas cheer-gear I was going to don for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Themed show.  It’s far too cold to be funny.  I can barely think straight in those temperatures, let alone succeed at things.  And taking off my coat, to show off my ugly sweater does not seem worth it.

Also, sleet.  It’s supposed to sleet the day of the show.  Hello winter…and why do you suck so much?

It seems like everyone is getting their dose of the craptastic weather that December can bring, so stay warm people!  If you need me tomorrow, I’ll be feeling like an IDIOT, dressed in 50 layers, attempting to horse show.  Wish us luck!


Cold Ponies at Play

I was glad to see even if it’s horribly cold they are still happy and enjoying themselves.  Plus they were all super excited to see me with my food bucket!

Sorry it’s blurry-my camera is a mess at the moment.

It’s been a rough weekend with O, and I don’t have time to get it all written out yet.  Sometimes folks, these mares are a pain in the butt.

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5 Things I Love About Winter

In the effort to keep optimistic and pleasant about the present and impending doom that is winter in the midwest, I have crafted these 5 things I love about winter.

1. Pretty horse blankets.  Because my QH cross apparently forgot how to grow hair this year, and while I have a mixed feelings about this (she’s so sleek and un-yak like at the moment) I’m glad she’s got two toasty warm blankets to cuddle up in.

Pretty and new....surely by this weekend she'll have torn something off of it.

Pretty and new….surely by this weekend she’ll have torn something off of it.

2. Confirmation that I should indeed own 8 different varying weight jackets.  Bonus points because if I get one jacket dirty, I can remove and voila!  New clean jacket underneath for horse to slobber on.

3. I get Ponies get fat and fuzzy.   And my new favorite pony (in the whole world) gets dapples on his booty.  The cuteness is overwhelming.

Me with fat, fuzzy pony.

Me with fat, fuzzy pony.  Don’t ask questions about the outfit or my ridiculous stance.

Dapples on da booty.

Dapples on da booty.

4. My horse actually wants to be caught.  In the summer she’s choosing between me (me=work) and grass.  Now she’s choosing between me and 3 degree temperatures.  I win.

Summertime reaction to bring called.

Summertime reaction to bring called.

Last winter, meeting me to go inside.

Winter time reaction: meeting me to go inside.

5. Planning out the next year.  I basically plan things for a living.  So naturally playing with all the ideas for next year is great fun.  What should we do next year?  Where are the shows happening?  What trails can I get to from here?

I vote for more of this.

I vote for more of this.

And this!

And this!

And of course this.

And of course this.  

Just Too Cold

It went from 75 and sunny to freezing and blustery overnight about a week and a half ago.  Since then it’s continued to be freezing outside.  No snow yet, but I’m sure that luck will run out at some point.  Coupled with me being sick again (stupid sinuses) I feel like I have barely ridden.

Last night it was 18 degrees (felt like 8) and just too cold to do much of anything.  I snatched pony from her field and was oo-ing and aw–ing over her poor frozen self, but when I finally got her in she was toasty warm under her blanket.  Point for equine-kind, they do know how to keep warm.  She’s also a bit fat and very content so life is good.

TBT: winter 2013.  Pony all bundled up.

TBT: winter 2013. Pony all bundled up.

I tossed her on the lunge and she worked out of some seriously stiffness to eventually have a nice walk/trot/and canter sesson on the line.  

I know we’ve spoken about this before, but what is your temperature that you say it’s just too cold to work them?  My trainer prefers it to be over 20 for a ride, and then only light work.  Anything below can be evaluated with her (or she posts somewhere).  I agree with it.  Since I’m not on some epic showing rampage right now I’m content to keep her warm and comfortable rather than work her butt off in the frigid cold.

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Settling In

I’m celebrating the fact that we moved an entire 3 years accumluation of horse stuff, and 30 odd horses all in a matter of 9 hours. We are a beastly crew.

I admit, I wasn’t there the whole time though, but helped as much as I could. I actually drove back later to see O when she moved over.

I found her like this.

Nom nom.

Nom nom.

Obviously she’s a stressful creature.

We had some cuddles, and the hideous northern wind burned me through my jacket.

It was frigid

It was frigid

So I gave her kisses and told her I’d see her after the big winter storm. She was so happy in her new home, and I cannot freaking wait to use the facility. Moving the jumps into the indoor rings made me drool (which promptly froze), because you can actually ride full big courses in this ring and not be running into anything. I will do a full photo run down soon, but know that I am so excited for all of this!

Everyone stay safe during this ridiculous cold!!