Camera Roll Updates: October 2016 Edition

I had about 5 half finished posts that just didn’t seem to get done…and then life happened and I didn’t know how to catch up.  But now I’m decided-here’s the down low on where I’ve been/what I’ve been up to according to my phones camera roll (pretty this idea is stolen from Emma!):

Here we go!

I’ve been riding a lot.

Spot the baby keeping watch…

My daughter rode her pony of the first time.

And then, her first “full size” horse because it’s her Dads mare and we couldn’t resist how excited she was to see the horses.

I stole this spicy little western mare for the annual family trail ride.

I got rear ended on the highway and luckily was able to drive away.  Missed my riding lesson though.

I drank some wine.

I found this painting that I think I need for my dining room.

And I rigged up a new way to get snacks to #tinyequestrian while I ride.

Snacks buckled onto the little human.

I experienced my first Oktoberfest!  Then split a bottle amongst work friends on a downtown rooftop.

Also, she stands and kind of walks…lord help us!

Goals for the next few weeks:

1. Get some media of the fancy Deedee in action!

2. Actually finish a blog post, or thought or….

Skills Bank

Blatantly stolen from Tracy and taken as a topic from this article.

I’ve been going through a bit of a riding drought, but for once it’s not because I don’t have options.  It’s because I’ve been traveling like crazy for work.  I had been planning these trips for a few weeks, and somehow managed to book myself in 3 different regions of the US in three weeks.  While really fun, it does take a huge toll on my riding time.  And sleeping. And my laundry.

So when I originally read Tracy’s post, I had wanted to really think about my own skills before posting. Lots of airplane time has led to the following answers.

Identify and honor your strengths:

  • I will try anything once.
  • I have a good eye for distances.
  • My long legs aid in a confident, secure seat.
  • I like to ride different horses.
  • I’m comfortable using spurs.
  • I know when something is too much.  For me or the horse.
  • I am someone who can crash and burn, and keep right on going.  (i.e. hot mess at jump 1, I pull my sh*t together and nail jump 2)
  • I thrive in a show environment.
  • I land softly, and stay over my horse well over fences.
  • I give a generous and soft release over fences.

I encourage all the riders out there to take a minute and really think about what you consider your strength.  It was very easy for me to come up with things I want to change.  Not so easy to focus on all the strengths I have.  We call could use a mental tune up in this area!



Off I Go

I’ll be traveling a bunch this week, and I’m not sure what kind of updates I’ll have, or how much time I’ll have to do them. I’m going to rely on my fabulous trainers, friends, and husband to keep me up on what’s going on with O. Sadly, I am going to miss two of her appointments this week. The massage lady/saddle fitter, and her 3rd dose of IV Legend. And of course, I’ll obnoxiously checking my phone as a jet around this week hoping for more information.

I saw this on L’s blog, Viva Carlos and thought it would be something fun to fill out!

1. Whats your horses name and how did they come by it?
O or Olive (the name she came with). My husband started calling her O (he thought it was really cool), and since I wasn’t a huge fan of Olive, it got shifted in that direction. Other nicknames include, Ollie, pony, and cow (when she’s being slow and/or fat).

2. What are your favorite breeches?
Tailored Sportsman are an obsession.

3. Tall boots or paddock boots and half chaps?
Currently schooling in tall boots, although I’d prefer to only use them for show. That would however, require me to pay up and buy or fix my paddock boots. Time and money I don’t have right this second. Hoping to get them fixed after all my travel.

4. What brand of tall boots do you have(if you wear them)? If you had an unlimited budget what would you get?
I’m a sucker for Ariats. Nice and simple. I’d definitely grab a pair of the Monoco Ariats, however, I have never had custom boots so that also intriques me!

5. Favorite Helmet
I love GPA helmets.

6. Shows or no shows?
I earned my keep (and extra lessons/rides) from working horse shows as a kid! I haven’t shown now since before college and I am craving it! I miss the whole shabang, and can’t wait to get back into it. Until then, I have helped at a few shows and loved every second.

7. Jumping or flat work?
I think flatwork is the basis for everything we do in riding…but yes, I LOVE to jump.

8. Hunters, Jumpers, Cross Country or Derby’s?
In a perfect world, I’d love to do Derby’s! But for now, I’m hanging with the Baby Hunters and loving it. Did some jumpers stuff in high school and thought it was a blast.

9. What other disciplines have you ridden?
Did western pleasure, pole bending (I was awful), cattle herding (with the in-laws). I’d love to spend some time with eventing (how cool is it!?), but so far haven’t had the opportunity.

10. Dressed to the nine or whatever you can find when riding?
For lessons I like to wear a polo (tucked in), breeches, hair in hairnet, gloves. However, it’s frickin’ hot here…sometimes riding tights and a tank top is just 180% more comfortable.

11. Where do you shop the most for you? Your horse?
Smartpak, Dover Saddlery, Horsez

12. When was the last time you rode and what did you do?
Urgh… Friday the 23rd…tried to figure out what was making my horse lame. I’m going to be horribly out of shape next time I ride.

13. What tack do you use every ride/day?
I love my saddle, it’s a devoucoux and my best friend. So hoping that the saddle fitter this week is going to tell me it’s not the problem. Also, O goes in a rubber snaffle, front boots, the same girth I’ve had forever (no idea who it’s from), and a Suffock bridle.

14. What are your horses color(s)?
Stable’s colors are blue and yellow….We have a lot of navy stuff. It looks really nice on her. However, my husband wants it to be purple. So yeah, still working on that.

15. How often do you clean your tack?
Oil when it needs it. Usually it get a quick wipe down after every ride of two, and then cleaned once a week or so.

16. What kind of bit do you use?
Hopefully O will love her new rubber snaffle she got the same week she pulled up lame. We couldn’t really tell if it was helping or not because we were staring at her legs.

17. Mares or Geldings?
Mares. I think there is a lot to say about a mare’s attitude…and passion. I like it!

18. What is something you want to improve on in your riding?
As far as my equitation goes, I constantly have to worry about my “broken” hands/wrists. They are a huge problem, and judges have commented in the past on them. Also, I wish I could make my body more quiet…

19. Favorite horse themed quote?
I love the “train like you’ve never won, show like you’ve never lost”. No idea where I’ve seen it.

20.What was your most recent equestrian purchase?
O’s new bit! And a bump pad (which isn’t enough bump and is going back).

Happy Monday everyone!

Separation Anxiety

It’s been a little difficult this week to be away knowing that my horse is:
1. Still ouchy
2. Had a saddle fitting/massage, vet visit, and chiro appointment. All of which I missed. 😦

I know she is in the best of care, but I still wish I could be there to see what’s going on! On the other hand, I have been so busy I can barely remember my name right now.

Here’s a quick picture of her getting her massage on tuesday!

O looks like she's confused.  But who doesn't love a massage!!

O looks like she’s confused. But who doesn’t love a massage!!

Thought I might share a few pictures from my random travels-it’s been a long week!

On my way through California-INSANE temperatures!



I did manage to squeeze in some pool time, and watch the cute ducks enjoying the pool water! How funny are they?

Getting my tan on with the ducks!

Getting my tan on with the ducks!