All Four Legs

After my emotion packed lesson last week, my trainer and decided I should take a few lessons to get my confidence back and see where we go next.  I arrived to find myself assigned to an old favorite, “my” beefcake red lesson pony.  While he was never my favorite when riding him before I bought O (which seems like a very long time ago), I became very attached in past years since he hauled my pregnant butt around for weeks and kept us both very safe after I got back in the tack .


He wasn’t quite as excited to see me as I was him, but obliged and let me tack him up and pull him to the outdoor.  He actually really warmed up nicely and seemed to appreciate having someone who knew a bit more than “up, down, up, down”.  I was feeling pretty good about myself, and we headed around to warm up over a little crossrail.

He gave the crossrail an unusually big jump (for him) and I am pretty sure I mentally squealed a little at how sweet this boy was.  The fun ended when he landed, and somewhere between putting his back legs down and cantering forwards, he seemed to lose track of his front legs.  Horses need all 4 legs, and unfortunately for us, this meant we were thrashing around in the arena dirt, as he desperately tried to get off his knees.  I thought for sure we were going to roll right over.

Somehow after a full 8-10 feet of knee sliding/thrashing he righted himself and halted.  He was blowing very hard and I immediately reached forward to give him giant pats.  I literally cannot believe we didn’t go over.  After swearing to red horse that I would personally take care of him for the rest of his life for keeping us upright, I trotted off.  Big red was obviously super sore on his knees, and we decided to cut my lesson off in exchange for a cold hosing.

So that’s how my second lesson in so many weeks, was cut short.  This time for a very different reason.  Regardless, I am very lucky and glad that my horse was able to get us both back up after his trip.  He got lots of cold hose time, then wrapped up and extra cookies in his stall.  My trainer reported that he was feeling so much better the next day and went back to his normal life. She also joked that she really is trying to make it fun for me.


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Hose-1 Us-0

O is not excited to be ridden.

O is not excited to be ridden.

This week O and I have been on two very different pages. With the weather we struggled to find time and arena space to really do much. We managed a few lunge outings, and one so-so ride. Yesterday I only had a few minutes and thought, how cute would it be to just bareback it around. Maybe we just need a cuddly ride, and less pushing for a day.

Fuzzy pony was very herd sour on this particular morning, so I dragged her in and threw her bridle on her. She was totally chill and agreeable when I hopped on. We walked and trotted around a bit. She’s really pretty comfy bareback minus her hideous canter.

One of the trainers came in to water the indoor for the lessons that day and we struck up some conversation while she moved the hose in. O continued to be a sloth and jog around the ring quietly. However, once the big green hose had been uncurled she wanted to take a look and blow through her nose at it a bit, but that was that. We even managed to stand by it. I gave her a big ole pat on the neck, and told her she was such a good girl. My trainer walked a few feet away and connected the hoses.

And the big green hose we were standing on…yeah well…it flung itself at us, spraying water and mud.

O’s heart must’ve stopped.

Her front legs completely splayed out and her front end practically dropped to the ground. I sort of remember pulling on the reins to drag her back up. No luck. Hose continued slithering around, and O decided she would get us the hell out of there. Or rather she would get herself out of there. Because at that point she threw my butt on the ground and high tailed it across the ring.

My trainer ducked back in, and seeing the situation quickly grabbed the hose and helped me wrangle my distraught beast. Pony was still pretty hysterical, but seemed almost bashful about dumping me. She followed me back across the ring, her head at my lower back as we reintroduced the hose to her. This time it just got the stink eye over my shoulder a few times. Then me and my sore butt climbed back up on my beast and did more walk/trot work and made her trot around, over, and even through the hose. She kind of giraffed around a bit, but I was still proud there was no more meltdowns.

I have some pretty sweet rein “burn” from attempted to stick on, and a nice bruise on my backside, but other than that it was pretty funny.

My first fall since high school.
O and I-0

The enemy!!

The enemy!!

Giving It Time

Well the big day had finally arrived!  I tacked up O, put on my fancy britches, tall boots, and headed out to the ring with her in tow.  After 6 weeks of varied treatments this was the day she was ‘supposed’ to be sound!  I honestly think that I felt the urge to get completely decked out because I was hoping it would somehow give us a better chance of being sound?  Kind of pitiful.  But you do what you have to!

As you may have guessed already, she was still not sound.  And from the look on my trainer’s face when I halted in front of her, she was as confused as I was.  I tried laughing it off, but was crushed inside-so much for our easy fix.  I just focused on rubbing my hands up and down O’s neck while my trainer and I talked over a few more options.  The first one on the to-do list-give it more time. 

I do not flatter myself and claim to be a patient person, and it’s so much worse when it’s your baby (as O is to me)!  I wanted her to be all better, to be sound, and to be back on the road we started on together just a few months ago.  I know 6 weeks is NOTHING compared so many equestrian injuries, but it really does feel like forever when you start out.  The plan is to let O have a few more days off, and we are hoping that maybe the last round of meds and her new pads just haven’t taken effect completely.  She does look better, my trainer yelled as I left the ring.  Better than her crazy, 3-legged, head throwing trot from Monday?  A small victory-I’ll take it!

I’m still postiive though, and appreciate all the good thoughts you could send my way!!  Fingers crossed for luck.

No riding means more time for O to graze, get groomed, and have lots of baths!  Her life is so tough!

Cute pie!

Cute pie!