Quiet Sundays

I imagine that all barns have a ‘quiet’ time when there seems to be less horses and less crazy happening.  Since I work 8-5, I rarely get to enjoy these moments.  Somehow this Sunday I got to the stable before anyone else, and was able to lavish attention on, groom and tack up before another soul showed up.  Well minus this guy…he was obviously a bit lost.

He was just checking out the facilities.

Anyway, I was able to hop on with another adult rider and get my walk/trot work in before the crazy started.  O was quiet, lazy in the humidity and seemingly sound!  I pushed her a bit more today, and now we’ll see how she recovers tomorrow.  Overall, she feels good, but I will say the time off has made her a little sour towards “hard” work, so I definitely got my exercise too!

We’re Back! (Mostly)

Wednesday was gorgeous out.  I couldn’t resist getting on the pony and taking it for a cruise.  My trainer happened to be out there and wanted to see her move around.

She was swingy, perky and didn’t seem to be bothered by anything.  From the ground you can see better how she’s landing on that ouchie foot.

First word, and best words out of my trainers mouth, “it looks pretty darn good”.  I wanted to whoop or fist pump.  But I’m not that cool; so I reeled that sh*t in and settled for happily bouncing around on my very patient little horse.

This is what I was doing. Just mentally.  Thanks for the image Google.

The plan is to continue lightly riding her this week, walk, trot, maybe a little canter mixed in, and see if the soreness continues to decrease.  Of course, I made my trainer repeat it again, just so I could hear the positive diagnosis. She changed her words, probably because I was being obnoxious, and then called her “mostly” sound.  Whatever, still more internal whooping happening over here.

No more hand grazing....it's time to get back to work!

No more hand grazing….it’s time to get back to work!

This weekend, my horse and I will do fun things.  I’m excited, and ready to get this show back on the road.  O and I both got a little fat during this month off, so now it’s on to find that happy fitness place for both of us.

Today is the Day!

The one and only farrier fantastico will be out today to try out a few things to make O more comfortable.  

Options that we are considering:

Front pads: Not my favorite, because I do think that the sole suffers a bit and tends to thin, especially on my flat footed pony, but if it is the final answer, I’ll be okay with that.

Epoxy: Provides some support for the hoof and scarred area while still allowing more vibrations and impact to be felt at the sole.  Slightly better for long term sole strength, and usually only goes in for 10-16 weeks at a time. Bonus: it comes in fun colors like purple.

Trim and hope: This scarring has been a place of concern since I bought her, and is an obvious weak spot in O.  It’s been growing out really well, and with the help of the farrier, we’ve been trimming it back, exposing more and more good hoof versus funky scar.

Of course once he gets here, maybe there will be more options.  Either way I’ve decided I’m going to be optimistic.  I even signed up for a lesson Wednesday!  The horse and I are both getting fat from this time off. Time to get back at it!

Finally Free

Best news all week: O was sound-ish on Thursday, and perfectly sound on Friday! Since she’s been cooped up for over a week, I expected some theatrics when she got to go back to her outdoor turnout. So I had camera ready…here’s some stills from the video. I’ll attach the clip later once I figure how to do so.

Pretty girl!

Pretty girl!

Finally free!

Finally free!

Just for a bit of humor, they moved the fencing while she was inside, and so I totally put her in the wrong turnout….and then she was so wild I couldn’t catch her to move her! Here she is the next morning begging to go out with her friends.

"I've changed my mind about this turnout"

“I’ve changed my mind about this turnout”

Our first ride back Saturday was really good, not anything monumental but it was good, and she was responsive. Good pony.

Today’s ride was a bit more chaotic. I tried to ride her outside in the wind, and it did not go well. We spent so much time re-learning how to trot in a straight line that I ran out of time before I even got to canter. Also she had a pretty big spook on our way back to the stable (which I stuck) that caused us to elongate our ride again…I didn’t want her to think I’d get off every time she does that. So we walked some hills in the field.

My second ride today was my friends cutie patootie grey mare. After fighting with O for our entire ride, her soft, quiet ride was a welcome change.

Grey ears for a change.

Grey ears for a change.

I hope everyone is having a great mother’s day!

Warmer Weather

It is pretty sad when I consider 33 degrees warmer weather, but it’s true! I only put 3 layers on top and hauled my butt out to the barn last night!

I’ve been feeling a little tense about O’s hind end strangeness that has been peeking around this week. Like I’ve mentioned before, she’s not unsound…it’s just weird. Maybe she needs another chiro appointment. We’ll see what the trainers think this weekend. However, I was happy (relieved) last night though that she moved out considerably better and felt sound at the walk/trot and just a bit sore at the canter. I’m guessing a lot of this is just a horse being outside in the crappy snowy weather. Hopefully pony feels 100% this weekend so we can lesson.

Fuzzy pony getting her grub on.

Fuzzy pony getting her grub on.

Side note: I obsessively watch the Olympics. Any event minus hockey (which I cannot stand to watch on TV for some reason). The next time people give me the “you’re crazy” look about riding I’m going to point out that there are way more insane sports out there than equestrian! I feel like a giant wuss compared to most of these people.

Not my photo: but seriously.  This makes horses look safe to me.

Not my photo: but seriously. This makes horses look safe to me.

Anyway, Go USA!

It’s supposed to be almost 50 degrees this weekend. I feel the urge to whip out a t-shirt or something crazy. Woohoo!

And finally….

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Contest alert: It’s still going! Equestrian at Hart’s Giveaway for Higher Standards Soap!

And Alicia at The Red-Headed Mare is also having a contest for one of her super cute crocheted ponies!

More Rain

This might be O's idol.  She strives to look like him every chance she can.  (Stole this from Stacy Westfalls blog)

This might be O’s idol. She strives to look like him every chance she can. (Stole this from Stacy Westfalls blog)

Dear lord there was water everywhere this week. Seriously, highways were shut down.

My horse has been rather neglected this week due to the crazy weather and work schedule. When I did see her she was covered in mud, amped up, screaming like a wild stallion, and even pawing at the ground. I was so surprised I actually checked…it really was my horse under the splatter of mud. No idea where the crazy attitude came from. It quickly disappeared after she was tacked up. Apparently she really likes her new turnout. (?)

Our ride was good, she was mostly willing and happy, even though her enemy number one was in the small indoor with us. The big red mare largely ignored us, but with plenty of pinned ears and swishy tails.

The latest discovery in the “how can you possibly still be lame” saga is that she looks more sound, the more I pick my hands up and use them. If I drop my hands (bad habit) she will quickly go back to bobbing her head and looking lame. I’m guessing that is some kind of weird side effect of her hip issues? When she has to stretch through and use herself the lameness disappears (mostly). That’s some serious motivation to get her working. Other than that she was mostly sound and pleasant to ride! She’s now kept her shoes on for almost 5 weeks and I am thrilled! Those suckers get expensive.

In other news: we must do a photo update soon. My trainer actually had said that it looks like she is starting to get some abs again. My girth would be so happy if that’s true. Chunky O pony was putting it to work getting all the way around her.

Back at it!

O shocked us all by being perfectly sound and a little on the spicy side (probably because she got the weekend off) tonight! We had a fabulous lesson and worked on keeping O consistent and relaxed into her frame. She was doing so so great, and I was thrilled with how attentive she was to my requests. We are actually looking at switching her to a “happy mouth” but because we thing she’s unhappy with her current bit. She’s so much more aware and soft this will be a better path for her.
We jumped around a little course and she was fabulous! Such a proud mom here. She even landed on her leads a few of the times! The other times she’s trying for the change, not that I’m pushing for it at this point, but just can’t quite figure it out She’s almost there!

Cuteness alert: the stable adopted a rescue mini…it’s adorable!! And only 32 inches tall!