Aches and Pains

After baby I was back in the saddle about 7 weeks later.  I felt totally floppy/messy, but I was there.  Then O left, and instead of riding 2-3 times a week, I suddenly was doing the once a week lesson thing.  My first lesson was fine, but I also spent equal times fuming and laughing at myself.  It is quite possibly the most frustrating thing to know what you are supposed to do, and realize your body can’t do it.  But in some ways it’s just hilarious, because you know you look ridiculous too.  (pony kicks for everyone)

Sitting up

Want to ride like this….

Last Thursday was my second ‘real’ lesson, and honestly I spent the majority of it embarrassed.  Not that I thought a few rides would make a huge difference, but I expected something to be better.  Uh…nope.

If anything, I felt like I was getting more floppy, gross, and just spaztic in the tack.  My schoolie, a new one to me, probably thought I’d lost my mind because we spent a lot of time walking.  I had to focus on not dying after just posting trot, or two pointing around a full lap.  Humiliating.

My trainer is the best, and I try to laugh it off, but it really is hard.  The basic conclusion is that I need something to ride more often.  I’m not going to recover from 6 months off by riding once a week.  At least not quickly.  So there is about 5 different plans in motion, and we’ll just have to see what works out.

All I can tell you is that I’m so sore today my arms kind of hurt when I stretch out to type and carrying the baby up and down the stairs is a whole production.  Let’s not even talk about the dumb choice to wear heels Friday.  My thighs are killing.




I’ll Take It

It happened ya’ll!  I rode my horse!  

Yes, it was only at the walk and trot, but hot damn it felt great.  It was perfect weather, fun people were all out riding, and after seeing her lunge a bit Trainer cleared her to start some light work!  

She’s still landing a bit funny every few steps, as if trying to protecting the foot.  But now it’s so minor we don’t know if it actually hurts or she has just been doing it for almost a month and doesn’t realize it won’t hurt anymore.  And it’s so SO much better than even just last week.  

Either way, we both know that my horse does better with work.  She actually felt pretty great most of our ride.  She was forward, pretty relaxed for not being ridden in 3+ weeks and behaved like a rockstar.  I didn’t do much, but I also couldn’t stop smiling.  Progress people, I’ll take it.

she rocks at selfies

Sore-Ta Boring

See what I did there?

Anyway, as you can read into the title more you may have guessed it. Yes, my little mare is foot sore again. Definitely not ‘lame’ but just uncomfortable. She’s been stomping like crazy lately due to the flies, and our outdoor is a little less squishy than our indoor ring so I’m guessing that’s why we noticed it. We gave the pony another day off and are going to be rocking some super cool fly-free new looks soon. Stay tuned for stylish photos.

That does mean that minus this cute picture of her grazing (while I read a book) in the gorgeous weather, I don’t have much to report on the riding part.



Her new bit did arrive, and I can’t wait to give it a whirl soon. We’ve been bouncing around between bits a lot lately, but I think this is the winner for jumping.
photo 2 (53)

We’ll try to lesson tonight if she’s feeling better! Wish us luck!

Back to basics (for me)

After a week of chaos and lots of non-horse related commitments I finally got to spend some much needed time with my pony! Our disappointing (on my part) lesson earlier in the week left me with a bad taste in my mouth regarding my own abilities and issues. I worked so hard today on my own problems, and addressing them one by one, starting with my new “lean and pull” thing I’ve been trying out (and failing horribly with). I left O alone and concentrated on my body and equitation for the first time in months. I also dropped my stirrups and stretched thru my leg, let me seat control the pace and stopped bugging my horse every 2 seconds.

The result was a fun, happy, and productive ride! O was happy, and actually became softer and more relaxed as she realized I wasn’t going to bother her. While its disappointing to see how I was negatively affecting her, it was thrilling to ride a horse who again was enjoying her job! She paid attention, went around with ears “happy” and gave me a great few minutes at the canter. The gait we struggle with the most.
With that ride under our belt we left the ring feeling positive, and sweaty. Still a long way to go, but it feels better. O got a full bath and treats and as as dried I thought we might try a true face to face meeting with the mini and O. Here are the cute pictures that ensued.
o and mini cute

O and mini meet

Still Sore

As you may have guessed from my very subtle title for this post, that O is still sore.  I will say that she is looking better, maybe 90% of her usual self.  I’m taking that as progress.  Hoping she continues to heal up and get to feeling better ASAP.  Obviously she misses her job.  She went over this pole half a dozen times when I let her out in the ring.

Big jump

Big jump