Frugal October

I’m not naturally someone who spends easily spends money.  I tend to overthink my purchases, and am definitely the chick who takes stuff back…all…the…time.    Because I have to be sure.

There are two areas I can be kind of dumb with money in.

  1. Horses
  2. Daughter

Luckily for my finances not having an actual animal to spoil helps out significantly with item #1.  It really just leads to obsessive online horse shopping.  I mean, I would’ve taken this one if you forced me….


But anyway, my daughter has halted her latest growth spurt, quickly followed by my car needing 4 tires, our deck needing redone and did I mention my car got 4 new tires?  So frugal October has officially kicked off.  My husband and I gave this idea  whirl earlier in the year when our home decided to stop working and needed some interventions.

It’s an easy principle….for one month…anything out of the ordinary, or things not needed — just don’t push buy, don’t swipe that card.   If it can wait, it should.  It seems easy enough, but has a big impact.  The first time we did it we managed to completely compensate for our household updates.  It really says a lot about how the little things really add up.  It feeds my constant obsession, and makes me feel good about adulting.

Obviously if I forget my lunch at home (ahem-yesterday) no I won’t go hungry, I’m going to go grab something.  But it just means that I make the effort to plan for purchases.  Maybe I ought to skip one month of my wine club subscription thing and go grab some cheap stuff at Trader Joes?  Maybe my frozen chicken meal will be better than ordering chinese tonight?  I will say that like many rule structures – it does automatically make the opposite reaction very tempting.  In this case buying stuff or shopping now seems much more fun.  Even the little things.

A short list of random things I’ve now decided (within the past few days) I want…but not need.  Yet.

I want this rainbow crop.  It’s so obnoxious.  My black one disappears constantly…sometimes it comes home to me…most recently it has not.  No one will steal this thing in a hunter/jumper barn.

Or these adorable stickers I can adorn all the planner pages with?  And there are more for when I purchase dream horse 2.0!

sticker 1

Etsy link:


Personalized Chirstmas stockings…I need them right?  Even though my mantle doesn’t let us hang stuff?

And of course – something for the tiny human.

Most of these are pretty inexpensive.  I could and should just grab it, but stupid Frugal October is only 5 days in.  So I’m waiting.   Whew.  Adulting is a lot of work, and an effort in self-control.  Wish me luck!



Just a Few New Things

Since I don’t have a horse to dress up pretty, or search for tack for, I feel like I haven’t really bought any horse related items for awhile.  But I fixed that now with a few new things!

Bought: my first ever Ogilvy baby pad.  I hope it lives up to the hype!


In action.

Bought: Roeckls, supposedly to be saved for shows or at least summertime…except now I can’t stop using them.  In love.  Need every color.

Bought: more Riding Warehouse tees–because they are so comfortable!

Bought: Blue/Gold (barn colors) attachable reins. Halter hacks-here we go.

This was right about the time I realized I didn’t have my helmet and got back off.

In the works: Rainbow reins.  Because rainbows.  And practicing for gifts!


 Nothing major going down, it’s been nasty and cold lately so just kind of moseying along.  Hopefully lessons will be back in action later this week!   



Saddle Ignorance

I remember within the first few months of blogging I was shocked by everyone posting about how crazy saddle shopping and saddle fit was.  I also remember thinking ya’ll were crazy people.  I sat in exactly one saddle most of my time riding and guess how many I looked at while shopping?  Yup-just the one.  It went on ponies, TB mares, fatty warmbloods, and whatever else I threw a leg over that day.  Needless to say I never understood what everyone was talking about!

Now I’m curious and nosy about others’ experiences.  Did I just miss something down the line?  Or perhaps the hunter/jumper world is less concerned about our saddle fit being as exact as other disciplines?

Or maybe my saddle is magical and it will live forever, and I will never have any problems with future rides?  Because that’d be stellar.

But really-anyone out there riding along with the same saddle forever?

Dee is the first horse where the fit has been iffy.  She was round as an exercise ball when I started riding her.  (It got old fast, slowly sliding off one side or the other during my rides)  I imagine now that’s she is more fit I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it.  For the time being it’s easier to pop her real momma’s Bates on her and head off.


Awkward photo FTW–But with her borrowed Bates.  Ariat coat=still my favorite.


Shopping List for Rolex

I’ve been toying around with what I really want to look at this year for Rolex, and it comes down to two lists.

My realistic list:

  1. Try on some Pipers (I’m a super odd fit, and I am in the market for some fun schooling breeches)
  2. Find a sparkly browband for my lovely new/barely used show bridle.
  3. I’m a bit obsessed with getting myself some Roeckl gloves.
  4. Cute tee shirts (One Horse Threads I’m coming for you)
  5. Black or navy polo wraps for schooling
  6. Liniment/grooming supplies

My over-the-top funky list (that I’d probably never actually buy…this weekend):

  1. Everything from the list above
  2. Nice open front boots
  3. New show shirts
  4. All the pretty saddles
  5. Leather halter for someday horse
  6. Ogilvy half pad/Ecogold half pad

Anything else I should shop for ya’ll?   I’m so excited for a weekend full of horse show shenanigans!


Rolex pic I took in 2014

Holiday Extravaganza: Get Your Buy On

Well folks, it’s officially holiday season and a few weeks ago I had the idea to put together a short list of popular companies who were willing to give a discount out to the readers of A Gift horse.  So here we are!  Each of these companies is someone I have enjoyed worked with personally or who received glowing recommendations from the blog world, and in many cases-both.

Two Socks Design: This company is the maker of my favorite saddle pad of all time, the pink chevron.

Modeled here by O

Modeled here by O

The saddle pad is lovely, and the embroidery work is wonderful.  Check out Two Socks Designs website here, or go straight to their etsy page and use the discount code AGIFTHORSE for 15% off until Nov. 15th.

SCequine: Stephanie provides truly gorgeous horsehair bracelets and jewelry to her clients.  She’s offering 15% off for A Gift Horse readers using discount code AGiftHorse at checkout from her etsy shop.

sc equine

Moxie Designs: Tiffany at Moxie Designs produces some of the more creative and beautiful personalized works I’ve seen!  I personally have a face brush that I love so much it doesn’t get left at the barn (rides in the car).  Check out her past works here on Facebook and then put in an order using the code AGIFTHORSE for a 15% discount!  Please note that she is currently booked up on holiday arriving items, but her gift certificates make a fabulous gift for any fellow equine lovers.  Or heck, order something for yourself to arrive after the holidays.

Charleigh’s Cookies: Who can forget O’s favorite treat!  Charleigh’s Cookies has generously allowing all A Gift Horse readers a 15% discount on their next cookie purchase using the code AGiftHorse from Nov. 4th-Dec. 21.  Make sure to try out their new Cover-Up Cookies!

CC-banner-logo (1)

Perfect size and crunch factor.

Perfect size and crunch factor.

Bridle Bling: Their motto says, “Every horse needs a little bling!” and I agree!  Check out all the great bridle charms, spur straps and other accessories at Bridle Bling here, or on Facebook.  Discount code is AHB15 for 15% your purchase!

A big welcome to Higher Standards Leather Care, who is offering 10% discount to all readers using the code AGIFTHORSE at their etsy account!  Go and grab yourself some of this fabulous smelling tack care product.   This one is on my Christmas list.


And finally, the wonderful people from The Bionic Glove Store are giving away two more free pairs of the Bionic AquaGrip Gloves!  I reveiwed the classic bionic glove here from earlier this year.  To enter, comment below on which company you would be most interested in purchasing something from, or if you did purchase something!

Women's New  AquaGrip Equine Glove Synthetic Black

If you have any problems please let me know through email at  Thanks all!


Like every good rider/horse lover I keep a long and involved list of things that I really need, things that I am obsessed over, and things that I could actually get.

For example:
Things I need–A revamp of my equine first aid supplies. We went through quite a lot this summer, and I badly need some refills.
first aid

Things I am obsessed with–

Not that I need a new saddle....but if I did...

Not that I need a new saddle….but if I did…

It's like a superhero cape...but for your horse.

It’s like a superhero cape…but for your horse.

…and there is a lot more where that came from…

However, the items that are going to make it to the top of my christmas wish list are the following:
New paddock boots for me
Leather halter for O
Saddle pad (maybe with my new monogram?)
First aid revamp
Liniment or something similar for O
Always in need of more horse cookies

What are you all asking for this holiday season?

Go check out these great contests going on!

My Equine Odyssey has this great Equi-Spa gift cards giveaway that I would love to win, then O can get some of the cool muscle wash and balm.
I’m a new follower of Forging Fiction, and love her “thankful” contest.
Amy at Slow and Steady has a cinnamint Higher Standards saddle soap to give away! I love winter scents.