Brand new shoes

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Before I start my ramble on O’s farrier visit, I’d like to announce (if anyone cares) that I am giving Bloglovin’ a try! My phone really dislikes the wordpress app, and after some strange reposting and moving of past blogs that happened in the last week I’ve decided that perhaps a new path is in light. So here we go-trial run!

In other O news, we LOVE our new shoes. O has been feeling 150% better with the latest round of shoeing. The vet and farrier had a long talk and decided to put in some hypoxy (sp?) in her front right to keep her low heels from getting ouchy against the ground. We’ve also removed the pads on her feet. It seems to be working! And O is sporting some BRIGHT blue “goo” (the hypoxy) on her front right that people think is fun. Whatever works.

It was an insanely long week I feel like, full of lots of confusing thoughts and plans. The biggest shock/news I think comes from the fact that Saturday I lunged O and she trotted around almost sound. Just a teeny bit off in the back. What you say? A sound(er) horse you say? I know. Insane. Anyway, I rode her for the head trainer today and she also was super pleased with O’s progress and thinks that it was the chiro that is making the difference. Her answer to why it’s taking so long to see any progress is due to the fact that O has somewhat off this whole summer…and is probably used to it being uncomfortable to move correctly. The more she realizes it doesn’t hurt anymore, and the more she can get rid of that stiffness, the more we will see a change. For now, I’m just happy my pony is feeling so much better.

There is so not a definite answer to what kind of riding horse she will be in the future, but for now we aren’t going to count anything out.

Olive loves her farrier!



Shenanigans with shoes

Well wouldn’t yah know it. I grab O today and pull her out to get ready for our pre-show schooling session…and of course she is minus a front shoe/pad. Ripped clean off. Dang it.

Lucky for me the farrier was making a pit stop by the stable, and is planning on tacking her shoe back on for me tonight. Still that means no schooling for me, just a quick round tomorrow morning before classes begin. Hopefully O is feeling very brave because there are several new jumps in the ring! Fingers crossed!!

Process of eLAMEination

One of the many joys of purchasing a new horse, is finding out all about them. What’s their favorite treat? How they like to be ridden? Where’s that favorite itch spot? However, one thing you often don’t think about if learning all about what can make them hurt, or ouchie as I like to call it. In the past few weeks we have been going thru a process of elimination to figure out what exactly is ailing O. She’s been off in the hind right, and in both front feet. We tried soaking (which she loved), we tried shoes–and then different shoes, and even different turnout. While it turns out the right hind required some vet attention, we continue to battle the front tenderness. As with many ex-racehorses she has a very low heel, so the next step is to get her pads in her shoes for extra support while we work on ‘raising’ her heel up some. Fingers are crossed! Does anyone have experience with a similar issue? I’m all ears for new ideas!

Seems like one thing or the other sometimes!

Seems like one thing or the other sometimes!