Shopping List for Rolex

I’ve been toying around with what I really want to look at this year for Rolex, and it comes down to two lists.

My realistic list:

  1. Try on some Pipers (I’m a super odd fit, and I am in the market for some fun schooling breeches)
  2. Find a sparkly browband for my lovely new/barely used show bridle.
  3. I’m a bit obsessed with getting myself some Roeckl gloves.
  4. Cute tee shirts (One Horse Threads I’m coming for you)
  5. Black or navy polo wraps for schooling
  6. Liniment/grooming supplies

My over-the-top funky list (that I’d probably never actually buy…this weekend):

  1. Everything from the list above
  2. Nice open front boots
  3. New show shirts
  4. All the pretty saddles
  5. Leather halter for someday horse
  6. Ogilvy half pad/Ecogold half pad

Anything else I should shop for ya’ll?   I’m so excited for a weekend full of horse show shenanigans!


Rolex pic I took in 2014

Rolex: XC 2014

Pretty pictures from Rolex! The day went by way faster than I expected and I could’ve watched much more!

Some fabulous phone photos! Such a fun/busy day!








Notes-I’d really like to end up in the derby ring…but it will never compare to anything these people jump. Some of these combinations are ridiculous!

April Goals 2014

Okay, so this month is already seeming to fly by. So I wanted to get some specific goals out there, mainly so I’ll actually pay attention to them.

O and My April Objectives:
Start more hill work
Lunge in side reins way more often, she does awesome in them
O gets ridden 4 times a week
Have a great first show experience, try not to demolish any jumps along the way
Perfect that walk to canter transition
Take more video and photos of my rides to document progress
Attempt to not spend all the money at Rolex
Also, have fan-freaking-tastic time at Rolex

Random photos from last year’s trip!
photo 4 (6)

photo 3 (16)

photo 2 (22)

photo 1 (21)

Off the Track, On Course

As a proud owner of a former racehorse (a horrible one at that) I found myself cheering even louder for 2013’s field of 9 ex-racehorses in the Kentucky Rolex 3-Day!  These horses are not only powerhouses in Eventing, but lived a whole other career as young’uns.  It inspires me to keep working with my own off the track horse, and encourage others to recognize the possibilities with these horses .  A short list of the 2013 Rolex ex-racehorse competitors, and how they placed follows…

  • Donner, ridden by Lynn Symansky to 5th place!
  • Pirate, ridden by Meghan O’Donoghue to 12th place!
  • Parker, ridden by James Alliston to 14th place!
  • Sal Dali, ridden by Beth Perkins to 26th place!
  • Irish Diamonds, ridden by Micheline Jordan to 29th place!
  • Tsunami III, ridden by Sarah Cousins-withdrawn before XC
  • Exponential, ridden by Jessica Phoenix-withdrawn before XC
  • Our Questionnaire, ridden by Heather Gillette-eliminated on XC
  • Can’t Fire Me, ridden by Becky Holder-eliminated on XC

Peronally Parker was a favorite to watch! 

Beautiful to watch!

Beautiful to watch!

Being there was one of the best experiences of my horse related life, and I really hope to go back soon!  Anyone else ever been to the Rolex 3-Day?  Or have a favorite competitor?

By far my favorite booth was the New Vocations booth.  It’s amazing what they do to help connect riders and ex-racehorses who need each other.  Check them out here: