The Obvious Fears

Adding another human to the family was not a lightly taken decision. My husband and I both travel for it work, we are both passionate and competitive in our respective hobbies, and double the responsibility. But when it’s the right thing, you make it work. This is what felt right to us. And we are so, so excited for this little boy’s addition!

If you’re wondering, yes, this baby is the reason behind my three year plan scramble.  It started out as a way to provide tangible plans to my spouse, so he could breathe easier knowing what the heck I was trying to do.  I find myself now treating it as a road map of ideas.  It’s kind of fun!

All gushing aside, I am very nervous about the riding aspect.  I know that it will be hard.  Getting my daughter to the point she is now at the barn (reasonably controlled) was a long education with lots of roadbumps, and now I essentially get to start over again.

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From my daughter’s announcement

I also know that I cannot do what I did during recovery with O around, which was essentially pressure myself to do as much riding as possible (she was for sale). That led to a lot of sore rides, and frustration on my part at my own limitations. I am confident that I have an entire barn full of people who are there to support me; plus my family being nearby never hurts. And I thank god, very freaking day, for having quiet, safe schoolhorses I can ride now and get back on after baby gets here.

There’s a large part of me that is so excited to “start over again”. To share those moments at the barn with my son. I can only hope that he’s as responsive to the horses as my little girl is. And if he’s not, I will figure something else out. Because if there’s a will, there’s a way.  And dammit, I have a 3 year plan to enact!


The Challenge: A 3 Year Plan

My husband is an engineer.  My mother is an engineer.  My uncle + misc. family are in engineering.  Huge shock that I ended up working for an engineering company, eh?

But regardless, I usually speak their language.  Which essentially means, I can follow a lot of processes, and not be offended when they triple check things.  Twice.

With that in mind, I was challenged by my husband to come up with a 3 year equestrian plan.  Yup.  I did just put “plan” and “equestrian” into the same sentence, which is a rookie move for sure.  But as mentioned above, he is most comfortable seeing an outline of what I’m looking for, what makes me happy, and approximate timelines.  Bonus points if I manage to put some numbers together too.


I know that anything can happen with horses, but I also know that if he took the time to ask, he will take the time to understand.  So I need to come up with something.

So question today.

What would you include in a three year plan?

So far on my list I have:

  1. Local lease prices for what I would be more interested in
  2. Local (ish) pricetags for what I would be interested in
  3. Short list of what I would be interested in, so we are on the same page
  4. Basic PPE prices
  5. Annual “have to” vet costs (known)
  6. Insurance options for horse 2
  7. General cost for boarding
  8. General cost for training rides, lightly scheduled during our busy seasons
  9. Half lease options for months I tend to travel a lot (this one is pretty far out there, but you never know)
  10. Backup plans for horse if it breaks itself and needs to be a field ornament

I’m sure I’m missing millions of considerations, as with all living money eating equines, but this is my jumping off spot.  What do you think I should add?  

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Peace Out 2015

Last year I kicked the year off with a SWOT.  I think I’ll try that again for 2016.  Unlike many people my year can be summed up in one very long run on sentence.

We tried various techniques to try to channel O’s sudden mood change about her hunter/jumper career, but after multiple failures we send her off to my in-laws for a change of pace while I have a baby.

Ta da!  Year sum up!


Anyway, moving onto 2016.


–Badass riding family.  Trainer, vet, friends, horses, family.  They rock.

–Doctor gave me the okay to get back in the saddle!


–Complicated horse situation

–New tiny human who relies on me (not that it’s a bad thing-just something to note!)


–Horse shows if I please

–Friends who are offering to help with my horse situation, offer me other rides should I need a ride off from O

–I can ride again, for the first time in MONTHS

–Awesome riding program to jump back into


–Continued discussion about what is O’s path forward

–Continued discussion about my path forward

–Time balance between work/home/hobbies


All in all, I’m ready to take on this year and whatever it brings.  Change can be good, and I have so much to be grateful.  Life is full of twists and turns, I just need to hold on for the ride.  Thank you to everyone who has reached about with nice comments about O’s confusing situation.  I really appreciate it.


Thinking Forward to 2016

Most people will be wrapping up their yearly goals pretty soon, but since my goals for the next few weeks include:

  1. Having a baby
  2. Surviving having a baby
  3. Learning how to life with a baby

I figure I get to go ahead and skip ahead a bit.  While I am doing the above 3 things, O will be most likely get training rides from trainer, and hacks either from other adult ammies or the assistants at my stable.  We want to be sure that we give her every single opportunity to start with a clean slate, and to prove to everyone that she can be reasonable.  AKA, not a dirty-stopping ride like she was being this spring.


Looking at 2016, I see lots of smaller shows in our future.  If she comes back ready to work, we may hop back in at 2’6” and see how she feels.  I’m not willing to pay to ship her out somewhere if I don’t know if we are going to make it around a course, or, God forbid, if we were to fry her brain again.  Prior to her mental meltdown we were looking at the 2’9” and 3′ classes, but I am more than fine with taking it easy.

Also on the agenda:

  1. Trail rides
  2. Western outings/rides
  3. Learning some tricks
  4. Anything else fun I can weasel my way into
More western rides.  Because why not?

More western rides (in English bridles). Because why not?