Quality Grazing

Last night it felt great to ride my friend’s horse again! She was quiet, responsive and sweet. Also, it felt great just to ride anything!

While Miss Grey Horse cooled out and got her dinner, O and I spent some quality time grazing, and wandering around.

I have definitely learned from the chiro about some unusal signs (AKA things I didn’t know) of her ouchy hips. For example…


The chiro says that she tends to stand like this (all the time I feel like) because she is protecting the left side of her body. While the other side takes the blunt of her weight. Interesting!

In other news-we have officially moved into the “fat as a cow” stage and have no neck or top line. I guess a month off will do that to you. Especially when it happens so much.

Pedicure for O tomorrow, so excited to see if that makes her feel a little better!!

After the First Round

O got her first injection of Legend IV last thursday, and so she got some major TLC over the long holiday weekend, and started being ridden (by yours truely) as of yesterday.

Tuesday: O jogs out like a beast and is totally sound. She even gets a “whoop” out of my trainer. I run around the stable yelling (not really-but I might have well as been) about O being the bestest pony in the world. Things are looking up. However, when I get on O, my secondary trainer who was teaching in the ring keeps having me circle, change directions, leave her face alone, asking how she feels. Message to me says that something still isn’t right. And O, well she feels a bit broken from the saddle. Her head is bobbing-almost weaving, she doesn’t want to canter to the left at all, but her movement is otherwise fine. Boo. We do a very light workout and decide to see what happens tomorrow at my lesson. I leave feeling a bit deflated.

*Note: Had to drop O’s girth a whole hole down-CHUNKY GIRL. A week plus off of work and she’s managed to go from this….

O on Aug. 22nd.

O on Aug. 22nd.

to this…
Someone's been getting her grub on.

Someone’s been getting her grub on.

Wednesday lesson: Well it ended up not being a lesson after all. As soon as we moved up to the trot it was apparent how lame O was. According to the vet and our trainers, O should be sound and functioning now with her meds. So why is she lame? Same question we’ve been asking since the end of March. The vet was so convinced this was going to help her, so the frustration at my house and even amongst my trainers is pretty high. We all want her better, but we just can’t seem to find the right path. Once again the vet will be out tomorrow, and I will be questioning whether or not Legend is really the correct path for her. And if it isn’t, then what are we supposed to do next. Still keeping my hopes high, or trying my best to do so! Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news.

Trying to stay positive

After our disaster lesson on Friday, O got saturday off, and I went to check on her Sunday. She looked happy enough, munching hay and rubbing a HUGE section of her lovely black mane off. Just great-she looks ridiculous. Urgh.

Once I got over the loss of her pretty hair, I let her loose in the indoor to see how she was moving. After the inital trot steps I didn’t even have the heart to push her much more. She was very lame still, seemlingly in her lower back right hind. She didn’t want to move, let alone trot, so it can’t be feeling very good. Poor baby. She got some loves, and the day off yesterday too. Making today’s vet visit (later on) very ominous to me.

Here are the things I am currently stressing about:

1. Maybe I broke her. (I know this isn’t really true-but doesn’t every owner think that when their baby is hurt?)
2. Maybe this kind of work is just too much for her.
3. Does she need another injection? This soon? And on my 7 year old?
3a. Can I really mentally handle injecting her all the time like this to keep her in work?
4. Absess? Maybe?

I’m really lucky to have a trainer who is as crazy about her horses as she is her riders (probably more so really), and who is a huge fan of O. She will be there to make sure we get all the answers I need and questions asked. Definitely feeling a bit nervous!

There’s no crying in…horseback riding?

This post has taken me a few days to figure out how to write. Friday was one of those startling horrible days for O and I. I went out with high hopes…it was the day before our first little show together, and while she had only been sore and bit off on Wednesday so I wasn’t too worried. I even took the day off (birthday present to myself) to relax, ride, lay by the pool, shop whatever. I tacked up, hopped on, walked around-everything seemed fine. O and I spent some time examining the scary horse eating red tent by the ring, and then we were off for schooling. Both trainers were in the ring discussing random show details when we started trotting. I maybe made it 10 feet before they were both yelling for me to stop her. Not that I wasn’t trying to already-I could feel it…she was so, so incredibly lame. I stop, trainers hurry over looking over all my equipment, at her feet, legs, body. There was nothing, no heat, no swelling, no apparent injury. We tried again with no bump pad (hoping for a ouchie back) and got nothing, then I hopped on bareback, got nothing. So not a back issue most likely. Both trainers thought it was actually a back right hind lameness. Which is where, I believe, that my heart fell through my stomach.

I didn’t have this blog going at the time, but after my honeymoon in March, O went for about 7 weeks (maybe a bit more?) off work with a mystery lameness. We tried everything, including nerve blocking to find out what was wrong with her. All we knew is that it was in her lower right hind. And we couldn’t seem to fix it. My new husband was about beside himself with all these lovely vet bills rolling in. I went to battle constantly to keep O, and that we would find a way to make her better again. Eventually we took an educated guess and injected her pastern. 4 days later she was sound in back. Shortly after that she came up lame in front. It sucked. But we had fixed the right hind issue for the time being. And now I feel like it’s rearing it’s ugly, nasty head again.

The vet is coming, actually a new vet is coming, out Tuesday to do a full eval on her. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, if it wasn’t how my trainer acted after seeing her trot today. She actually sat down on a jump and told me that we need to start thinking about a plan here, and asking the hard questions. She openly admitting she doesn’t know why O is constantly off, and is out of ideas to fix her for me. My trainer, who just loves O, has been a huge advocate of her through everything. To hear her so doubtful of what is going on was pretty much horrifying. Even my secondary trainer looked depressed, especially after we talked through O’s recent history. I’ve had her for 9 months, and she’s been sound for roughly 4 (I’m being generous). Not to mention the 3 abscesses since this winter. To the people who are reading this and are mentally saying “Oh my god, what does this lady to do her horse!?” Please just realize that O gets wonderful care where she lives, and of course, I just love her. It breaks my heart that we can’t find a way to keep her sound.

So now that I’ve just written this insanely long post about my personal pony pity party…I don’t know what to do with myself until Tuesday. If anyone has any ideas I’d welcome them. I’m guessing I’ll be obsessively researching, guessing, and hoping its something small and silly. But after months of battling these supposed silly issues, I feel as I’d I’m all out of luck.