On Lock Down

O typically lives outside, and I was very proud of how chill she is being locked up with zero turnout. When I saw her last night, as soon as I opened her stall she stuffed her head out and bothered everyone around her..but she was mostly polite about it. Soooo yes…Cute, ouchy ponies get away with murder.



Lame pony is very cuddly.

Lame pony is very cuddly.

We handwalked last night. Or rather, she walked me. There is definitely something up front still off, and I’m really thinking front left. There were about a million people riding last night so I couldn’t toss crazy mare on a lunge to see exactly how lame. My trainer is checking on her daily. Four days in and still no swelling, heat or anything.

I’m praying for something simple.

Vet comes out tomorrow if she’s still not right. At this point, I kind of figure that’s what is going to happen. Send us luck?

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A Bad Day

Yesterday I had a really bad day.

Work was a struggle. I was waiting allllll day to just go out and ride my pony. That’s all I wanted!

Grabbed pony from field, tacked her up in a slightly altered get up. We were rocking a borrowed figure eight with the pelham. Note in the picture I was still trying to get it adjusted to her face! Took my ‘jumper’ pony into the ring to lunge a bit.

Apparently while I was at Rolex she refused to be caught, and instead got her workouts from frolicking around the poor people who were trying to ride her.
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Anyway, she moves off on the lunge and immediately she is lame. First just a bobble, but by the 3-4 time around me, it was pretty significant. Called trainer, she watched and agreed that something was definitely wrong up front.

So instead of my lesson I spent some quality time with these items, O, and a not so helpful barn kitty.

Kitty says "SHINY"

Kitty says “SHINY”

After getting in trouble for not standing.

After getting in trouble for not standing.

Buted, wrapped, loved on, tossed in a stall. We’ll reevaluate tonight.
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Not saying the L word yet.

More Rain

This might be O's idol.  She strives to look like him every chance she can.  (Stole this from Stacy Westfalls blog)

This might be O’s idol. She strives to look like him every chance she can. (Stole this from Stacy Westfalls blog)

Dear lord there was water everywhere this week. Seriously, highways were shut down.

My horse has been rather neglected this week due to the crazy weather and work schedule. When I did see her she was covered in mud, amped up, screaming like a wild stallion, and even pawing at the ground. I was so surprised I actually checked…it really was my horse under the splatter of mud. No idea where the crazy attitude came from. It quickly disappeared after she was tacked up. Apparently she really likes her new turnout. (?)

Our ride was good, she was mostly willing and happy, even though her enemy number one was in the small indoor with us. The big red mare largely ignored us, but with plenty of pinned ears and swishy tails.

The latest discovery in the “how can you possibly still be lame” saga is that she looks more sound, the more I pick my hands up and use them. If I drop my hands (bad habit) she will quickly go back to bobbing her head and looking lame. I’m guessing that is some kind of weird side effect of her hip issues? When she has to stretch through and use herself the lameness disappears (mostly). That’s some serious motivation to get her working. Other than that she was mostly sound and pleasant to ride! She’s now kept her shoes on for almost 5 weeks and I am thrilled! Those suckers get expensive.

In other news: we must do a photo update soon. My trainer actually had said that it looks like she is starting to get some abs again. My girth would be so happy if that’s true. Chunky O pony was putting it to work getting all the way around her.


With O feeling quite a bit better today…in my trainers eyes about a 95%, I went ahead and did a little flat work with her. She got lots of rein to poke her nose, and just feel out the situation. That being said I do feel like she felt much better and was in a much better mood after I flatted her. Here’s a few random pictures my friend snapped via phone.
Please ignore my old tall boots, (they are too short), and my atrocious rounded back in some pictures…I was so much more focused on her soundness than anything! If you can see my face, I look super stressed too.






It’s official. I cannot keep my horse sound! I am so frustrated and confused. She’s got shoes and pads on, she lives in bell boots, and I see her almost every day of the week and check on everything. What is it that isn’t working? My trainer is as frustrated as I am and we’ve actually decided to move her to a much closer turnout so that they can monitor her when I’m not around. It’s so stressful I hate not being able to make her better! Argh! I partially believe that the nasty shoe rip off from about 2 weeks ago is the culprit. Still annoying though! Fingers crossed that after she gets today off she’ll be feeling better!

No Show for Us

And the good luck keeps going. O was feeling a little ouchie today after getting her shoe tacked back on later last night. No show for us today! I think we would’ve done a nice job today, but I guess it could’ve been a lot worse. I was disappointed but spent all morning cheering on my fellow riders. One of my closest friends (matron of honor at my wedding) took her mare and kicked butt. There’s another similar show in another month, so we are going to single that one.


Not to jinx my luck-but this past Tuesday after I dragged my vet back out to the stable, O was sound as a rock. There was much jumping and celebrating when i got this text! Yay! Off to the stable I went.
I’ll admit that the whole first ride was a throw away-I let her poke her nose, and bully a bit during our circles. But it didn’t matter! She was finally sound and was in such a perky mood herself I couldn’t bring myself to scold her! What was really sad was how badly we were out of shape, both of us huffing and puffing the whole way thru. Not to mention her girth was noticeably tight when I tacked her up! But those are things we can work thru together. What matters the most is that she isn’t hurting anymore!
If these past months off have done anything they have definitely strengthened the bid between her and me. I’m just so glad to have her, even with all the quirks and fat grass belly! Ready to get back to work tomorrow! Woot!