Lessons with the Giraffe

Thank you for all the opinions and ideas for prizes on my last post!  I appreciate it.  

As it turns out the teenage leaser of the big red giraffe from my lesson a few weeks ago, is out of town a lot this month.  I got to take him for a spin this week in my lesson, and he was such a good boy.

He’s a tall drink of water

Last lesson it was one of the first really hot days and he’d been ridden the day before.  Cue big tired giraffe.  This lesson was the polar opposite, he was fresh!  I got the opportunity to remember how to ride a much more forward mount and test out whether my roeckl gloves could hold up.  Big dude wants you to hold him and can get very heavy in your hands. The first few laps around our indoor my brain wouldn’t stop screaming that he was running away with me.  Ugh.  This is exactly why it’s good to ride new horses! 

I did manage chill out and had a killer time with the big guy.  (His name is actually Cooper) The fences were low, so essentially he just loped around the courses, but he did do his changes for me which made me smile.  He just recently came back from his former life as a equitation horse, so I was kind of giggling about how he jumps.  It was very flat and minimalistic; I felt like the whole front end of the horse never moves.  I still am waiting for Dee’s big, round jump; so the first time I about rammed my face into his mane.  Lesson learned. 

A different borrowed chestnut thoroughbred

I don’t know how much he’ll be available for lessons, but I really enjoyed riding something so different and once I figured him out, he was so good for me.  I couldn’t just drop him or float the reins, he needed someone actively supporting him.  And there’s a lot of horse there to support!

Looking Ahead

Anyone ever look ahead at the next few months of their life and say “How the heck am I supposed to manage that?!”

Because that’s kind of where I’m at for this early fall/late summer months.

Starting in late August I will be traveling for work, be traveling every week or every other week for family and friend events, and then God knows what else will rear it’s head.   While all these things will be a blast, I’m starting to worry about my 4 legged beastie having to take a backseat.   And I don’t want that.

Cute pony.

Cute pony.

My horse does best in 4-5 days of work a week.  She’s happier, and more fit that way.  Not to mention it seems  to be keeping her sound while helping to advance our riding together.  So how do I plan to manage 4-5 days of riding, which is difficult now during a time I consider ‘relaxed’, when I can literally not cannot squeeze anything else into my life in a few short months?  Welllllllllllll….

I’m considering a temporary half-lease situation.

Who doesn't want to ride this obviously graceful animal?

Because who doesn’t want to ride this obviously graceful animal?

There are several amazing riders at the barn right now who are on the hunt for their next equine partner.  In the meantime they are looking to find a temporary horse to ride, that is not necessarily a lesson horse.

In my head it seems like too good of a consequence to let just pass me by.  It would mean double the lessons for O, at least 2 rides a week outside of my own hacks, and someone checking on her practically everyday.  Yes, it does mean I have to share my most prized possession.  And I’m sure I will battle a shit-ton of little jealousy as I am plopping my butt down in an airplane again, while knowing a new rider is whisking her around the arena, but it may be what is best for her in the meantime.

Anyone ever half-lease out their horses?  Any  personal experiences?   I’m thinking a 2-3 month type of arrangement.  Nothing is certain at this point, just thought it’d see what other people thought!

Cold Feet

I braved the 18 degree temps yesterday to go out and ride the mare. It was extremely difficult to get anything done when it’s this bitter. And even though my trainer is not convinced, I don’t think O feels very good. She’s a little weird behind, not unsound, almost sore like? I don’t like it, but at the same time I’m trying to not let it get under my skin. I really do think it just has to do with the fact it’s been under freezing for almost 2 full weeks now, and she’s had crazy amounts of ice and snow packed in her feet lately. That cannot be comfortable.

Anyway, so besides that it was an okay ride. I was distracted by her confusing hind end, and spent a lot of time stressing over that, rather than working on my homework. I did do lots of passes by the mirrors try make sure I was leaning further back and engaging my core. I’m still kind of sore, so that’s a good sign.

Since there is no getting away from the snow and ice until later this week, we decided to use it as a backdrop. I haven’t gotten them all organized and edited…but I’ll leave a teaser. 🙂

Snow pony.

Snow pony.

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With O feeling quite a bit better today…in my trainers eyes about a 95%, I went ahead and did a little flat work with her. She got lots of rein to poke her nose, and just feel out the situation. That being said I do feel like she felt much better and was in a much better mood after I flatted her. Here’s a few random pictures my friend snapped via phone.
Please ignore my old tall boots, (they are too short), and my atrocious rounded back in some pictures…I was so much more focused on her soundness than anything! If you can see my face, I look super stressed too.





Lucky Timing

Perhaps O losing her shoes (yes, she apparently went swimming and suctioned the other one off yesterday), as much as it sucks, it did happened to happen during the week that I was exercising my friends OTTB grey mare while she is soaking up the sun on vacay. After riding mine SO MUCH lately, I was completely thrown off by how different this tall, lanky grey was. She was very forward in the bridle, but not rude. Plus her gaits are silky smooth, and so easy to sit. She will pull a bit going to the left (she was a racehorse-left is their favorite way to go), but she is easy to bring back under control. It was really just a blast to ride her this week, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the difference between the two of them. Ironically O and this cute grey are what I call ‘frienemies’ (friend-enemies); when it’s just the two of them they will call and whicker at each other-but put them out with others and you’ll see plenty of pinned ears and nasty faces from both of them! Such girls.

Trail Rides

After O’s behavior yesterday I thought she deserved a “fun” day! I had one other horse I needed to ride (for a friend) that ended up giving me a bit of a workout, so by the time I got to O I was feeling like a trail ride. Another rider joined us as I threw a bridle on mine, wandered out to the back pastures, and hopped on bareback. the fields were very tall, and even on O, the grass was brushing my legs. We took it slow-O’s favorite speed, and meandered around the soggy field, just enjoying the fabulous weather. It was the perfect break from ring work!