The Short and Sweet

Stephanie, I hope you don’t hate, but I am stealing your fantastic Friday five idea today.

Crazy week at work, no pony in city to ride=short and sweet updates.

1. I have located another lovely catch-ride for the next week.  He is a gorgeous hunk of Argentinian warmblood.  If he was human, guessing he’d look a lot like this.

Why hello Mariano Andújar.

2. I’ve learned heat and being knocked up, yah they suck together.  Trying to rethink my riding schedule a bit to deal with it.

3. O is spending her first week as a ‘legit’ ranch pony this week working cattle.  I have no idea how it’s going so far.  Full report after this weekend.

4. I miss riding on a more regular basis…it’s really affecting my ability to keep up with my eq and overall strength in the tack.  Maybe that’s DaBaby screwing with me a bit too, but still, it’s hard to come to grips with.

5. Guess who gets to go see her pony this weekend!??


Also, doing a gender reveal for my in-laws.  But ya know.  O will be there too.  ❤

Bonus: Karley is doing a fantastic contest over on her blog!  Go check it out!

Friday Fails

In honor of our next show tomorrow, let’s take a look at some of the fails from a show earlier this year.

Happy (fail) friday!


Right reins got dropped, O and I have matching facial expressions!

Right reins got dropped, O and I have matching facial expressions!  Also, what is going on with my sleeves?


Taking down the 2 foot jump...again.

Taking down the 2 foot jump…again.

Pawing up a storm for the nice judge.

Pawing up a storm for the nice judge.  I don’t always hunch, but when I do, it’s when a photo is taken.

Also-go check out Cob Jockey’s sweet contest!  

Friday: Five Things I Have Actually Done This Week

This week was honestly a little quiet.  Which makes for super boring blog talk.  So I’m going to break it down in 5 main events and attempt to make it digestible for readers.

1. Horse gets first flying change.  Ya’ll heard this.  If not, read my proud Momma rant here.
2. My air conditioning gets fixed.  I promise to love and cherish the A/C man forever if he drops the price on the unit.  He does not…so goodbye new fun colored show shirt I’ve been eyeing.

I want more fun shirts!

I want more fun shirts!

3. I ride horse, she is excellent.
4. My newly shrunk breeches put me on a diet since I get an F in laundry this week.
Yayyyyyy me!

Yayyyyyy me!

5. I exhibited my equestrian athletic prowess as I flew across my bedroom after being sound asleep and dreaming a squirrel was in our bed.  Husband doesn’t have a clue what’s going on but joins in on the shouting/running anyway.  (Happy 2am honey.)

So that was my week.  This Sunday is now the LAST day to enter the Mango Bay giveaway, so jump on that!



Finally Friday at Five

This was a very long, mentally exhuasting week for me. And nothing felt better than heading out at 5pm. I’m so blessed to have a fabulous job, but my brain was about out of juice at this point. So at 5pm I turned off the computer, packed my goodies and was gone! My asthma has been a royal pain in the butt this week, but I knew that I would regret not riding today–even if I was a little short winded. The stable was very quiet and it was nice to just relax and lavish some extra love on my pony.

Under saddle she was very agreeable, although a little too quiet at first. After some serious legging as a wake-up call, O got the point and really used her rather large booty to our advantage, rather than drag herself around the ring with her front end. I could tell though, that I’ve been working on the canter extensively, and her trot wasn’t as collected and put together as I like to see it. Meh. Note to self to not get too stuck on the canter, that we would forget our other lessons.

Once we had a really nice, forward, uphill canter going O and I threw in a few quick changes/trot changes into our agenda. As I had noticed in our lessons, she struggles much more going from the left to the right. Her right to left is really nice, and when we are going over fences she usually trys to switch that one out on her own. But we still have a very LONG way to go. I know that staying back and getting her balanced is key-but easier said than done I fear. However, it was overall a very good ride. 🙂

"What is this?  Hold on I must taste this."

“What is this? Hold on I must taste this.”

Pony got her mane shampooed (she allllllways gets things in it) and I’m afraid I got a bit carried away with the soap. She wasn’t humored by my laughing or taking pictures either. She was ready to get her dinner on. I still enjoyed myself! ha!



Horsey mohawk!

Horsey mohawk!