Blue Goo

My mare is now the horse with one blue “shoe”. After talking with the vet and seeing her in person farrier had decided to give her 6-8 weeks of the epoxy before we consider other options.

It’s a really cool process, and I’m not sure if anyone else has ever seen it done, so I tried to take some pictures.  Obviously O stood like a rock for most of it looking bored.


I know, her mane is out of control.

After resetting her just a bit to be sure we didn’t have any pressure points under the shoe farrier places a hardcore mesh plastic between shoe and sole, this is for the epoxy, for extra space to stick to.  He then cleans her foot as much as possible as this stuff adheres to anything.  Then O gets to wear a pretty sock while he prepped the epoxy.

Next, her flat feet take up a lot of the epoxy, so in it goes.  He holds the foot level until it spreads and fills the space.  The color of the month was blue.  I like it.

After it starts to settle he carefully covers the bottom of her foot with a syrifoam pad, and duct tapes any edges so that the “goo” doesn’t escape.

And starts trimming extra epoxy off.

And he was finally done!

I gave her the next day off, and was eager to see how’d she be last night.  I tacked up, hopped on, and with trainers eagle eyes watching….off we trotted.  It was odd, I could feel something but it wasn’t really a lame step.

So I’m feeling hopeful that the epoxy was the right choice!  She’s getting a few more days off and we’ll see how she goes this weekend.

Today is the Day!

The one and only farrier fantastico will be out today to try out a few things to make O more comfortable.  

Options that we are considering:

Front pads: Not my favorite, because I do think that the sole suffers a bit and tends to thin, especially on my flat footed pony, but if it is the final answer, I’ll be okay with that.

Epoxy: Provides some support for the hoof and scarred area while still allowing more vibrations and impact to be felt at the sole.  Slightly better for long term sole strength, and usually only goes in for 10-16 weeks at a time. Bonus: it comes in fun colors like purple.

Trim and hope: This scarring has been a place of concern since I bought her, and is an obvious weak spot in O.  It’s been growing out really well, and with the help of the farrier, we’ve been trimming it back, exposing more and more good hoof versus funky scar.

Of course once he gets here, maybe there will be more options.  Either way I’ve decided I’m going to be optimistic.  I even signed up for a lesson Wednesday!  The horse and I are both getting fat from this time off. Time to get back at it!


Beka you are a blog saver.
What is your horse’s absolute favorite thing?  Outside of riding!  Are there treats that instantly convert your pony into an addict or liniments that leave him yawning and chewing?  What does your horse just love to have?
I’m going to exclude food.  Because I’ll be honest, it’s probably top dog in her mind, but I feel like writing about some of her other faves.
The Farrier. It may seem odd, but I truly believe this mare loves to get her feet done.  She’s a sucker for any type of attention, but something about getting her feet done makes her really happy.  Maybe it’s because her feet were so screwy when I bought her?  Who knows.  She will sigh over and over, chomp, lick her lips, yawn and even doze off while he does his thing and makes her feet beautiful.
She even tries to help shoe.

She even tries to help shoe.

We have to hold her so she doesn't doze off on the farrier.

We have to hold her so she doesn’t doze off on the farrier.

Getting her nails did.

Dozing and getting her nails did.

A Night on the Ground

Even though I spent the whole night out at the stable last night, and that the weather had simmered a bit, I didn’t spend a second in the saddle.

First I spent an hour plus cuddling my horse while pretending to hold her for the farrier. Realistically she’d never move anyway, this pony loves to get her feet done.  She got some snazzy new kicks and took a nap/drooled on me.

Cuddle sesh.

Cuddle sesh.

Then I convinced my farrier-in-law to hop on O.  I’m sort of in love with the cuteness

Note: My farrier-in-law has been riding for 50 years, and is a hell of a rider.  When he rides, (hubs rides like this too) it’s like he’s glued to the horse.  I am always jealous at their ease in the saddle.  That said, the non-neck reining how threw him off for a minute.  


About a hand taller than any of his horses at home.

About a hand taller than any of his horses at home.

Figuring each other out!

Figuring each other out!  Love her one ear back listening.

photo 3 (26)



So it's settled.  She'll go be a fancy cute western pony when we are done jumping :)

So it’s settled. She’ll go be a cute western pony when we are done jumping 🙂

He loved her, he said she was really smooth, and wanted to please.  I probably glowed with the compliments.  Marrying into a family of horseman/women I alsways felt that I needed to validate my riding as it was one of my few qualities that actually come in handy on a ranch! Ha!

Now that I’ve got a few months before another show, I love the quiet that has taken hold of the barn.  I foresee lots of western action and maybe a trail ride or two in our future.

O’s Time Out

Last night I saw my beast for the first time since Monday.  I know, shame on me, I’m a horrible horse mom, but really life just kind of got in the way.  Also, O’s feet were a bit too long and it was making her not so comfy while under saddle so it’s not like I was going to ride anyway.

O spent her days basking with friends, having a small cut on her front left heal, and eating as much grass as she could stuff in her mouth without choking.  Last night she got her pedicure, complete with new shiny back shoe,s and all was back to normal in her world.  Side note: My horse stood ground tied for all 4 shoes out in the back driveaway, and didn’t move but to swish at flies.  I love my horse! My farrier and I have decided she just is just a glutton for the extra attention.

A ride for tonight, a lesson tomorrow and Monday, we’ve got a show in two weeks we should probably start working on.

photo (21)

photo (20)

Pedicure for Pony

not impressed
I finally got out to see my horse yesterday, and thankfully she didn’t seem to hold it against me that she’d been able to eat all week rather than be ridden.

The farrier came out and was very very pleased with how her feet are looking. Backs are near perfect, and the front now just have “normal” horse shoes on them. We’ll see how she does with them.

Yay for normal shoes!

Yay for normal shoes!

Husband also came out to see how she was, since the last time he saw her she was SUPER lame. He seemed really pleased and happy with how she’s looking, which makes me very happy. Have I even mention how much O loves him? Seriously.

Taking his holding job quite seriously.

Taking his holding job quite seriously.

Cuddle sesh anyone?

Cuddle sesh anyone?

When I’m on her, I’ve noticed that she feels much more sound, than if she is just trotting around a lunge line, which is confusing to me. Going to the left, there is still the teeniest bobble. Going to the right she looks fab. Hopefully we can continue to work through this, and that more conditioning will be the solution.

Floating teeth time tonight! So she’ll get the night off, then back to work tuesday!

Brand new shoes

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Before I start my ramble on O’s farrier visit, I’d like to announce (if anyone cares) that I am giving Bloglovin’ a try! My phone really dislikes the wordpress app, and after some strange reposting and moving of past blogs that happened in the last week I’ve decided that perhaps a new path is in light. So here we go-trial run!

In other O news, we LOVE our new shoes. O has been feeling 150% better with the latest round of shoeing. The vet and farrier had a long talk and decided to put in some hypoxy (sp?) in her front right to keep her low heels from getting ouchy against the ground. We’ve also removed the pads on her feet. It seems to be working! And O is sporting some BRIGHT blue “goo” (the hypoxy) on her front right that people think is fun. Whatever works.

It was an insanely long week I feel like, full of lots of confusing thoughts and plans. The biggest shock/news I think comes from the fact that Saturday I lunged O and she trotted around almost sound. Just a teeny bit off in the back. What you say? A sound(er) horse you say? I know. Insane. Anyway, I rode her for the head trainer today and she also was super pleased with O’s progress and thinks that it was the chiro that is making the difference. Her answer to why it’s taking so long to see any progress is due to the fact that O has somewhat off this whole summer…and is probably used to it being uncomfortable to move correctly. The more she realizes it doesn’t hurt anymore, and the more she can get rid of that stiffness, the more we will see a change. For now, I’m just happy my pony is feeling so much better.

There is so not a definite answer to what kind of riding horse she will be in the future, but for now we aren’t going to count anything out.

Olive loves her farrier!