O’s Report Card

Being away from my pony this weekend was hard (typically the best time for me to ride), but it was fantastic family time and lots of windsheild bonding. On our journey through the state of Kansas this was definitely my favorite part.

Worlds biggest ball of twine decked out for halloween. Go mid-western USA!

Reports I got from the people riding O this weekend are leaving me a little confused, happy with her workouts, and very ready to see her for myself. Apparently on Friday she was amazing and felt great to ride. Saturday she was fine….nothing earth shattering. Sunday she got to do her hills work and looked/acted a bit stiff in the back. Fortunately in a strange twist of fate and timing, one of our vets was the person on her back during the stiffness. The same vet keeps her own pony at my stable and I love that she is always around and willing to help!

Last week was bad for my two point challenge…after my starting time of 4:14, I have fallen to less than 4 minutes by my rough calculations. I didn’t have my phone on me to do official start stop time, I just had to make do with a clock. Hopefully I can kick it back up this week and get back on a good path! I would really like to be at 5:30 minutes minimum by the end of the two point challenge. Better get to it!

Also, for anyone who has ever complained about a no stirrup lesson (I know I have)…

Live with Fire

I was completely inspired today reading all the tweets with #livewithfire.  Started by Reebok, #livewithfire, was trending today and it quickly became one of my favorite reads.  What I take from this, whether Reebok was going for or not, is that you have to make the change you want in your life!  Stop stalling, letting life pass you by without putting effort into it means you can’t blame anyone except yourself.  You must push to live life to it’s fullest.  Myinspiration for pushing to achieve my goals is at a high right now! 

What I want is to be better at my job, be a better wife, be a better baker, and kick butt with my horse this summer.  However, sometimes you have to stop making lists and plans and just go for it.  I need to put myself out there more at my job, acting when I am confident, rather than sitting back to mull things over.  As far as being a better wife goes, perhaps I should figure out how to mow the lawn occassionally (I make him vacuum somedays) and try to make him feel special too.  When it comes to cooking and baking I need to take some action and not be SO afraid of failing.  Chances are the husband will eat it anyway, and if you don’t try, then you never know if you can succeed!  Love that part.  And as for the horse, we’ve got some obstacles in our way, but I am going to keep pushing, dreaming, and training with her until we get were I know we can be! 

Live with Fire

Live with Fire