Sales Paddock App Review

The other day I was scrolling Facebook and noticed some local trainers had liked a page for the Sales Paddock App.  The app claimed to be the cool new way to connect with sales horses.  It hosts an easy communication tool with the owners, along with lots of filtering and sharing options.  Seeing as my riding life is a little on the quiet side, I was all over this. Who isn’t looking for their unicorn right?  I found my current job on an app…it’s not that crazy.

I quickly downloaded and got my account started.  It begins with the basics that you find on many horse sale websites (ie, etc.).

first on list

Once you narrow your interests a bit, the app launches up with 3 main pages

  1. To look at horses around you
  2. Show “check in”
  3. Look up horse by trainer selling them.


Show Check in

Trainers 3

Even though my region doesn’t have a ton of “really big” horse shows, I immediately thought the show check in was really neat.  I know that a large portion of horse trying and buying happens at shows, and it’d be interesting as a potential buyer who is showing, to be able to see who brought what sale horse.  If you’re like our area, there is also some really standout breeders and trainers, so having the ability to shop exclusively their horses is a fun feature.

As you get to looking, I would highly suggest using the additional filters at the bottom of the app to fine tune things a bit.  In my case, budget and location range helped a significant amount.  I was intrigued to see a lease option as well.


Since I help my trainer advertise some of her sale horses, I see value in the ability to share any ad to Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and Email.  That’s a lot of birds with one stone.


This horse has the best name!

And not someone who wants to call 10 people about their elusive horse ad– no fear, you can chat with the sellers on the app itself.

In the week or two that I’ve had it on my phone, I feel like I open it every couple of days.  As is the case with any sale site, it doesn’t change a lot, but a few new horses have popped up.  I wish their was a way to sort the ads, but maybe that will come later.

If you’re like me and love pursuing the sale ads, and seeing what’s out there, I encourage you to download and shop around a little.  Anyone else seen or used this app?

Happy (app) shopping!


SaddleBox Subscription Box Review

When SaddleBox reached out to see if I’d like to try and review the Saddlebox for June, I happily accepted!  The pretty blue package arrived very quickly and was stuffed full of good things!

List of items from June:

  • Epona bath sponge
  • Pretty horse molded soap (currently living in my spare bathroom)
  • Bridle Bites Horse Treats (a SaddleBox original product-already devoured)
  • Epona love curry brush
  • Herbsmith SoundHorse herbal liniment
  • The Horse Lover’s Guide to Massage
  • Peppermints (already devoured)
  • Spurrs Big Fix – Filly Cream Moisturizer

So far the only thing that I haven’t really been sold on is the LOVE curry brush.  I don’t know what to do with it.  It says it tackles tangles and provides massage, but is a curry brush?  The horses I tried it out on last week were not a huge fan of it on their bodies, but it works fine as a tail brush.  I do love the moisturizer, even if not sold on the name; and all things edible were immediately gobbled up by my friends horses.

The Horse Lover’s guide to massage is sitting on my coffee table, and I hope to actually try out some things before I judge one way or the other.  It’s really interesting stuff though, everyone always wants to keep their horses more comfortable.

Some SaddleBox Info:

Overall I think it was a really fun mix of products for horse and owner, with the added bonus that it is affordable and you subscribe on a monthly basis.

You can check out SaddleBox on instragram too, where they sometimes show off upcoming products for their boxes!
 Personalized Horseshoe Necklace Review

Back in 2016 when I put my horse O (full name Olive) up for sale, and subsequently sold her I was pretty jumbled up about it.  My husband hung on to my sanity for me, and tried his best to understand what I was going through.  However, I was floored when he had this necklace made for me for Valentines’ Day, which was the week after O left.

FullSizeRender (23)

I had wanted something with O’s name on it pretty much the entire time I had her, but just hadn’t gone and done it.  Now that she was gone, I still wanted a way to remember her, and the lessons that came from that ownership.  Hubs was on it, and came up with the perfect necklace from

My Name Necklace has hundreds of variations of personalized jewelry and gifts.  Obviously my husband went straight for the search bar and brought up all things horse.  He told me the process was very simple, and the necklace shipped very quickly, especially considering it was free.  It arrived in a little felt/fabric pouch with snap for storage, the chain appears solid and strong, and the inscription is easy to read.

Over a year later, I am incredibly impressed.  For a $30 necklace, this one has held up to significant use, showers, rides, workouts, toddler pulls, and continues to look really great.  There are a few marks around where the chain connects to the horseshoe, but I would expect that of any jewelry I wear this much.

If you’re looking for an affordable, but durable and pretty way to display a horses name, monogram, or any text really, I would definitely recommend My Name Necklace!  I am already thinking of what I can buy when the next horse comes down the line.  They have really adorable bracelets I’ve been eyeing too.  We will see!



Kamik Rain Boot : A Review 

In spring of 2016 I was on a hunt for some rain boots to bring with me to Rolex.  This was to replace the random boots I had snagged at Rolex when it became one giant mud puddle event two years beforehand.  Lessons learned people-it always rains at Rolex.  Or it will unless you buy rain boots.

In action at Rolex 2016

I’m an Amazon prime lover, so when I stumbled upon these Kamik Jennifer Rain Boot, with a 4-star  review rating, and a pricetag around $30 I was very interested!  Add to that the fact that there is over 10 colors, and the logo has a horse on it and I was sold.

They are a bit more fitted, and while I usually wear a size 9, I can make it work.  They are best with the slick riding socks.  For future buyers, I would recommend going up size, especially if you plan on wearing thicker socks!  They don’t come in half sizes.

Amazon prime FTW

Since I wanted to be able to use these boots year around, (and I have an awesome sister-in-law) I was gifted a pair of boot socks/inserts to add to my outfit.  I’m not sure exactly which store, so I’m guessing a bit here.  They are monogrammed for extra fun.
Something like this:

Etsy Store Link

I’m still thrilled with these boots, and they remain 100% waterproof a year later.  I may need to buy another larger pair (my bad)or another color, but will definitely be looking into these boots for any future purchases.

Also great for snowy bareback rides

So check ’em out.  It is mud season after all.

Amazon Link


Ariat Terrace Jacket: Review

While I realize it’s April and soon the heavy layers of winter riding gear will be packed away for the warm season, I still wanted to share my review of Ariat’s Terrace Jacket.

I bought this February of 2015 while in San Antonio with some lovely bloggers for the weekend.  We hit up some tack stores, and I snatched this jacket up on the cheap. It caught my eye because the lining has adorable German Shorthair dogs on it.

photo 4 (12)

Within a few weeks it had warmed way up, so I didn’t really get to break in this jacket and see what it works like until this past winter.


  1. Ariat makes a sturdy coat!  This one has had multiple run-in’s with trailer walls, horses mouth’s and me getting it caught on things.  It doesn’t have a snag on it.  One time I somehow managed to catch one of the loops in something, and when I pulled away it just unsnapped.  Easiest fix ever (just resnap it).
  2. I love the color.  It’s a deep red that is fun and pretty without making me look like a firetruck.FullSizeRender (26)
    1. The dog print silky lining is adorable, because anything with cute dogs wins in my book.
  3. It’s warm.  I loved wearing this coat, and felt totally comfortable outside in the Midwestern winter where temperatures hang out in the 20’s and 30’s.  It was my go-to all winter long.
  4. The fit is really great.  I’m usually a size medium and this fits with just the right about of room that I can squeeze a smaller, tighter jacket on or even just layered shirts if I need more warm.  If I just have the coat on, I don’t look horribly bulky.
  5. It’s SMART.  There are tons of little features that I love to have in a riding jacket.  The front zips and buttons up higher so you can protect your neck from the vicious winter wind. The back has a ducktail so your butt is more covered while you ride.  It’s adjustable at the waist, plus the double zipper so you can adjust to what degree you want the coat open. The pockets zip shut as well, and are placed for easy use.  It seems to repel dirt, or at least brush off well.
  6. Double use?  I felt like this coat was definitely pretty enough to wear to my 8-5, and often wore it to work events.  So it’s more than just a barn coat for me.

Overall, it is one of my favorite coats of all time, and hopefully one that I can use for a long time.  Priced regularly around $110, I grabbed this for sale at $45.  Which makes it even better in my mind.  Since it’s last years coat, you might be able to find as good of a deal on it, but sadly online Dover seems to be the only online carrier, which I would not advise ordering from.  However, I would definitely recommend looking into an Ariat coat for this year’s winter gear, just based on the quality of this one.

Noble Outfitters: Review and Giveaway!

When Noble Outfitters first contacted me about reviewing their products I was over 9 months pregnant and wasn’t doing a lot of riding at the moment.  That said, Noble was fabulous and sent two products to try out anyway, offering to let me review them when I was back in the saddle.

I received the Balance Riding Tights in navy and the Ringside Pack.

First up is the Balance Riding Tights.  

The past four weeks I’ve been small enough to fit into them, and fit enough to go for some rides.  And let me tell you…I LOVE THEM.  Reasons I love them?

  1. They fit me really well.  I like the mid-rise, that is great for tucking shirts into, without making me feel like I’m 100 years old.  The soft sock bottom hits my leg well.  My inseam is about 36inches long, so for more petite riders, this may cause some issues.  For me though, it is great.
  2. They feel like really wonderful sweatpants.  They are quite stretchy, and feel good to wear in and out of the saddle.  After riding I actually lounged around in my house in them because of how comfortable they felt.


    So comfortable.

  3. The color is really pretty.  I love the navy blue and grey combo I have, and appreciate that it is true to what it looks like online.  That said, I’m not sure I’d call it navy, which I typically think of as a much darker shade.  I was able to wear them a few different days before feeling like they were dirty enough to wash.
  4. Extras.  These tights have a belt loop, and look nice with a belt.  I’m also loving the side pocket that is  on the left thigh.  My iPhone 6 fits perfectly in it, and it’s so nice to not have to scramble, or do the stand-in-the-saddle-and-rummage move when I need to get something out of my pockets.  Hell, my other tights didn’t even have pockets.  Another perk because equestrians need all the pockets.
  5. Price point.  At $89.95 I love them.  I’m not someone to spend lightly, so the fact that these are roughly the same price as Smartpak Pipers, I feel like they are a really quality option.
  6. Husband proof?  I love my husband, and he was helping with laundry a few days ago.  He washed those poor tights in with our t-shirts, and then dried them on high heat.  Results?  Nada.  They look exactly like they did before, plus the fit is the same too.  I probably won’t subject them to too many more drying episodes, but it’s nice to know they stand up well to abuse.

Now for the Ringside Backpack.

I had this around when I was preggers, and immediately stuffed it full of my various gloves, some riding clothes, drinks, snacks, and my helmet…and still felt like I could’ve put a ton more things in it.  There is so much room and plenty of organization put into this bag.


Ready to roll out to the barn!

Now that I’m back in lessons, I go straight from work to the barn and the backpack is a wonderful time-saver.  I pack everything in the a.m. and all my riding stuff is easy to grab and throw on my back.  Plus there is several different compartments, so I have a separate ‘clean’ zipper space where I can put my dress clothes after I change from work.  While it’s more pricy than many backpacks you could pick up at Target or something, the $99.95 I honestly understand. This item is a portable tack trunk, and I think the value it brings is worth it.  I’m loving it and can’t wait to have it at shows.

Final word:

I would definitely recommend both of these items!  Pay close attention to the size chart for the tights.  Usually I am a size 30, and fit easily into the size large that the chart dictated I was.  I have a feeling I could squeeze into the mediums, but prefer not to quite yet after baby.

FullSizeRender (9)

Tights in action.

Noble Outfitters offered up one of their fabulous Ringside backpacks for a giveaway too!  Enter by simply commenting below, and sharing the contest on your blog or Facebook.  Please don’t forget to let me know you shared, I don’t want to miss anyone!  I’ll close the giveaway on March 1st at midnight.

Review: Charleigh’s Cookies


I received an amazing tub of these cookies via an online giveaway, and I was thrilled! I had heard of them before, but seeing as they weren’t sold at my favorite store I had never tried them out.

Opening the 6.5lb tub at the barn, I was greeted by their fabulous smell!  Seriously, had there not been so many people around us, I probably would have tasted one myself.


Perfect size and crunch factor.

Perfect size and crunch factor.

Even in the heat, these cookies were a nice, crunchy texture and not sticky.  A major plus for any rider who shoves cookies in her/his pockets before headed out to see the horses.

Quick promo from their website: Charleigh’s Cookies are made with fresh, organic ingredients and no preservatives.  You can read a bit more about their story here.

photo 2 (13)

I love that they come in a horse friendly (AKA hard to break into) container and it fits well inside my locker.

As far as taste, I’ll be honest, O goes nuts over them!  She will actually linger with me while her friends all trot off to join the herd if I have these cookies for her.  And God knows, that when I bring her in she immediately begins scrounging for them!  It’s adorable, and totally warranted.  Such a cute girl!

She begs.

She begs.

She gets.

She gets.

She loves!

She loves! (I’m calling this the face of bliss)

So in review, I am highly recommending these XOXO cookies from Charleigh’s Cookies!  We are only about 1/3 of the way through the 6.5 tub, but I will definitely be looking to getting more once we run out.  O and I are giving these delicious treats 4 horseshoes out of 4!