In the Irons

senior pic with stellaI’m Genny,  a 20-something, mid-western girl. I like martinis, cooking, and above all else, horses. In the winter of 2012 my horse, O, came into my life. I had just convinced myself that I was not in a place to have my own horse, when I decided that I would find a way to make it work. She was too special to let go.  Thus I began this adventure turning this former racehorse, pasture-dwelling-eating-machine into a proper riding horse. Now that O has moved on to a new home, I’m horseless, but still busy chasing dreams of shadbellies while wrangling my wonderful family.



Talk to you soon,



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  1. My country is thousand of miles away from yours and sadly, there are far far more cars than horses :(.

    Nonetheless, I’m glad I found a horse lover. Horses are truly majestic creatures. And as I’ve posted in the site, if I had time and money, I would take up horseback riding and archery altogether!

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