The Sentimental Stuff

I am not always an easy rider to have around.  I have a complicated work life, travel for that job, a family and home to take care of, and tiny human who requires my top priority.  This month I celebrated 6 years of Facebook friendship with my trainer, which in my best guess, means I probably had just started riding again after several years of intermittent rides.

But regardless of all my requirements and needs, I’ve been able to find a place that works for me.  Obviously no place is perfect, and I’ve had my conflicts over the years.  But when I look back I can say that I have always felt safe, welcome and involved in this program.  I’m very lucky to have found one who suits my life so well.  I’m excited to see what comes next!

I wrote this up for Horse Junkies United originally, but felt it only right to share today.  Be thankful for the awesome situations so many of us have found.

Cute schoolhorses also appreciated.


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3 thoughts on “The Sentimental Stuff”

  1. Great post! A good fit is so important, and what defines a good fit is so different from rider to rider. I am so happy that many of my clients have become friends, and I often joke that I’m half horse trainer, half therapist. I wouldn’t trade that for all the fancy ribbons in the world 🙂

  2. nothing beats a feeling of security and happiness in our riding programs! things change over time. even horses… but it’s so great to be surrounded by a training and program and riding buddies that make you feel at home!

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