Shoutout to the Scrappy Equestrians

With the first month of 2018 in the books, and my new “plan for horse” budget firmly set up, I wanted to point out a very distinctive point in the life of equestrians.

We are scrappy as all get out.

I mean really, just from a small sampling of bloggers and close friends I know people who work part time or seasonal work at local stores, those who sell great products on Etsy, take beautiful professional photography, and others who write or work part time within the horse industry itself.  And let’s not forget that many of us have full time office type jobs, families and of course, the horse itself.  It’s really quite impressive how much we manage.

Horse show – brought to you by a part time gig with a magazine.

I’m going on month two of writing a little on the side, but in the past I’ve also picked up online advertising gigs and worked for magazines or in website management.  My side work was always to take some of the guilt, and pressure off myself so that I was more free to enjoy time and money spent with the horses.  And I don’t mind doing the extra.  If anything, it empowered me and made me feel more in control of the financial aspect of owning and riding horses.

But now I’m curious.  As I said above, I do this to help ease any doubts I have about the money I spent doing what I love.  Those who work a second job or something similar, why do you do it?  Perhaps you just like nice things?  Are you saving for something in particular?  Maybe you are just someone who thrives on a heavy work life.

Clinic was a possibility since my part time job paid for our vet bills that month.

Regardless I’m so proud of all these hard working equestrians who not only kick butt on their horses, but push themselves outside of the saddle too.  Just more proof that equestrians are a powerful and ambitious group of people!  Go us!

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16 thoughts on “Shoutout to the Scrappy Equestrians”

  1. If i didnt have my small kids, id love a second horse related job, even just work off lessons for trainer or something. Part of my reason for moving up job ladder was hoping to be able to balance horses back in budget.

  2. You know for me it was originally a way to just pay for everything, and the older I get it’s also a way so I can save for my future as well (retirement and all that jazz). I still don’t own a house, and might not for a while (because even a crappy house in California is about a million dollars… sigh) but at least putting money away helps me feel like I might get there one day.

    After doing the Grad School/Regular Job/Horse grind I realized once Grad School was gone that I kinda really do well with a full plate. Not full to the point of no sleep but like fuller days than most people care for. So that’s why I picked up the part-time and freelance gigs. Plus those schedules work with my regular life or I don’t work them.

    1. Having that financial cushion is really empowering! And I’m also someone who does well with a full day. It’s so nice to find those gigs that work right into the schedule.

  3. I just enjoy having extra cushion for my finances throughout the year. My main side gig is during the winter, too, when it isn’t easy to ride. Nice way to fill the time and have money to compete more than 2x a year – which is all i would be able to do without the extra income!

  4. This is a great post. I’m just your typical workaholic. I love a heavy workload for sensitive and upbringing reasons… To the point where it’s almost killed me in the past but hey, we all have our vices. It could be drugs right? I run a “small” pet-sitting business where I can work anywhere from 6-20 hours in one day and you’d think that on those shorter days I’d thrive to take a break but no… Recently I picked up a part-time job at a local tack shop for less than ideal wage to fill in those “empty” hours. Like I said, the wage isn’t worth it… But the discount is pretty badass, not going to lie. And who doesn’t want a tack shop discount! Somehow I still fit in time to blog, sing karaoke, and of course the most important, RIDE! On the upside… Trailer shopping is going to happen within the next 6 months! Finally!

  5. This is funny! Maybe we all have part-time gigs? I have a full time office job as a corporate accountant and then do bookkeeping and taxes on the side for individuals and businesses. It gives me enough extra money to be able to show and pay for my tack-ho tendencies.

    1. Ha, that sounds like an awesome gig! I just love how we all make it work 🙂 You don’t have to be made of money to enjoy this sport!

  6. I had to do away with the second job this year once baby 2 came. Being a stay at home mom to two tiny humans is basically 24/7. Working from 8-10pm at night from Home when I was mentally and physically spent had to stop. But I wish I could still do SOMETHING so I could afford all the pretties guilt free, just gotta figure out what that side hustle is…or be patient for a couple more years until school starts for my boys and then I’ll prob work at the barn while they’re learning!

    1. Yes! This is definitely something that I’m still smoothing out, but family is priority too! I’d love to snag a barn/horse gig later down the line, but we’ll see.

  7. Wish I had an additional something, but my skill set is pretty narrow (um anyone need a part time healthcare administrator? No? Huh.) I try to pick up babysitting jobs here and there, but that’s one of those things that I think is easier when you have connections in the area. Honestly, I work 50-60 hrs a week at my ‘real job’ (and am compensated well, not complaining!) and when I get home, I want to horse, walk the dog, be a bum and go to bed by 10. I do re-design PPT presentations for some people I know who speak at conferences (cause I can kill some PPT if I say so!) but it’s not steady work.
    I do use eBates religiously and try to maximize all the cashback I can get. I wish I had something else because it would make the ponies more affordable!

  8. I work at a hospital and often take extra call shifts, or volunteer for overnights (which pay more), to help offset horse costs. I am lucky that I doknt HAVE to, but when I do I can take a few extra lessons or contribute more to the horse show fund. Definitely lessons the guilt!

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