Can’t ride? Then let’s shop!

My general rule is that if I can’t try something on (or easy returns)…don’t buy it.  I’m sure every lady out there gets it, each company has their own sizing and it’s hard to buy things online and make it work.  So while I’m spending less and less time in the saddle I’ve been trying to resist buying anything.

After all, I can’t fit into my regular clothes, why should I take the risk?

Well.  It was cold, I was bored, there wasn’t any body around to stop me.  So I went shopping!  I’m calling it my motivation for getting through these next couple of riding free months!  And I think that I may do a rendition (round 2?) of my tailored sportsman challenge…so I needed new tailored sportsmans for that right?

Well perfect, because these sort of ended up in my cart one night (thanks to $900Facebook Pony for the share). was clearing everything out, and I snagged these tan professional knee patch for $57.49, regularly $229.  Oh and why not throw in this coolmax TS show shirt?  Took an educated guess on shirt size (pending baby) and for $22 it was worth it.

Then honestly I finally found a deal good enough to try gamble on sizing for Goode brand products.  My trainer is a big fan, and I like the looks of them.  I snagged two shirts, one long sleeved, one short, for a total of $25 (usually $60 and $50 respectively) and then the Goode denium knee patch for $39.  Usually those suckers are $160 full price, and I was never willing to try them at that point.

I really like the snaffle zipper pull on the shirts!

Everything is so pretty – but I’m nervous about the weight of the Goode shirts.  I don’t think I’ll be able to wear even the short sleeve in the worst of summer because it seems heavy.  Trying to reserve judgement for now, but that was my only concern upon opening the package.

And of course, I did happen upon this fabulous Black Friday deal from Ellany Equestrian and couldn’t resist.  Hello beautiful!

Monogram everything!

I won’t dare ruin the belt by trying to make it fit at the moment, but it’s all laid out for me to use ASAP.  A big shout out to Ellany Equestrian who is a one-woman show!  Her products arrived fast, beautiful and I loved the personal touch.

Anyone else using these cold snaps or being out of the saddle to stock up on pretty new things?

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16 thoughts on “Can’t ride? Then let’s shop!”

  1. I got a Charles Owen and some winter breeches from that net equestrian sale and love them both. Makes a huge difference on the cold days, and I spent next to nothing. That Ellany belt is cute too. I actually won one in a young rider’s benefit auction last year but never got it… not sure which party dropped the ball on that one. I asked the YR and she said they told her they had shipped it to me but I never actually followed up and asked Ellany. Oh well.

    1. I actually started out on net equestrian looking to snag a helmet! Totally out of luck in the size department though. Thanks again for posting the heads up!

  2. I’ve actually restrained myself this winter (for once), but this post may send me over the edge!I’m a sucker for good customer service.

  3. I’m determined to get my tack shopping way down this year, and am currently waiting on a $60 Riding Warehouse order so that’s going well so far… 😉

    1. Haha, I tried to be good! I knew I needed a “show pair” so I didn’t splurge on any pretty colors. Maybe someday down the line!

  4. Dang you got some KILLER deals! I’ve been doing a lot of shopping, too, but fortunately have been able to pull the plug before I actually make any purchases haha. I’m not sure how long my resolve will hold out though!

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