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I have been experiencing the opposite of nesting…I am suddenly obsessed with getting rid of stuff.  I have things on eBay, every local sale application (craigslist, Facebook,letgo etc.) and have piles of stuff waiting to be dropped off at goodwill.  It feels so good to shed off some of this stuff we don’t need anymore.

This weekend I tried to carry this “clean-out” thought pattern over into my social media accounts, starting with Facebook, and was met with one major overlying theme.  Horses.  Horses freaking everywhere.  My Facebook home page is covered in posts from OTTB connect, the Hunter/Jumper sale pages, and dozens of equestrian related companies.  And that’s just the beginning.  It doesn’t account for the horsey friends who are posting and sharing all over the place.

Throw back photo to break up wall of text.

Now don’t get me wrong – I think that social media is an amazing resource, and I rely on it daily to keep up to date with everything.  But somehow I have reached a point where I think I might be drowning in equestrian related accounts.  I barely see anything else!  And the ones I do see, aren’t necessarily the things I’m most interested in.

So my plan is to try to whittle things down a little; maybe unfollowing or leave some of the dozens of sale groups will be a smart place to start.  (see plan to not by horse in 2018) Eventually I would like to be able to log on and see a more condensed view of the equestrian world, with the people/companies/products I care about the most in easy view.

How do you all handle the bombarding effect that social media can have?  Do you love to ‘like’ them all?  Or perhaps present a more minimalist take on things?  I’m open to any and all advice on how to manage this better.


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27 thoughts on “Social Media Swamped”

  1. I just get frustrated with Facebook in general because with their algorithm it’s basically impossible to see the stuff I really want. I get a lot of junk I don’t care about.

  2. I turn off all notifications for horse related groups on Facebook. I like the have them to reference when I want to, but I hate the constant notifications. Now, if I am looking for a specific item I head on over to English Tack Trader and do a search. Or if I’m wondering about upcoming clinics or shows I head to my local events group. Otherwise, I basically forgot about the groups.

    1. That’s a good point and probably where I need to start. I prefer the search features for most of my focused Facebook activity anyway.

  3. If there is a group in FB that I don’t want to leave or someone I don’t want to unfriend, I just unfollow them. It cleans up your regular feed very nicely without breaking up with everyone!

  4. Oh man, I can totally relate! I follow a lot of brand pages on Facebook and Instagram because I feel like I need to stay pretty current for work. I don’t mind the total equestrian inundation most of the time, but at some point last year I stopped following some Instagram accounts of people I didn’t really know (e.g. not bloggers or local friends) and filtered out a lot of brands on Facebook. I think leaving sales groups is a great place to start- that gets overwhelming fast!

    1. I love to be up to date, and I’ll totally admit to consuming a lot of news on Facebook. But yeah, sometimes you have to filter things out a little. I’m sure my Instagram is in even worse shape.

  5. I love social media — and it’s part of my day job — but it’s easy to get burned out in it. Whenever I feel that way, I just take a few days break from ALL of it

    1. I’m so tempted to do this many days; maybe if I didn’t mess with any of it as much then I wouldn’t have such an annoyed perspective going forward! It gets overwhelming!

  6. It’s good to be a discerning consumer of social media and commercial entities. So no I don’t like, or follow everyone, I don’t read everything. The unfollow button is your friend if you don’t want to offend anyone by unfriending them, but we should be brave enough to unfriend people too (especially if they are really barely acquaintances.)

    1. This is very true. I was a journalism/mass communication major in college, and the effects of crap media are not good. Most of my “problem children” are companies or brands more than people. Which should make me plenty brave!

  7. I stopped all the notifications from horse sale groups, but I stay in them in case I ever need to buy/sell something again. I really should block the tack sites as well.

  8. I am 100% with you on thinning things out including my friends list… And my tack box. Honestly I’m at the point where I’d like to delete my Facebook but I unfortunately I need it for work.

    1. I use mine a lot at work too, and I do see a lot of great points to social media. I just have got to turn a more critical eye when I am on there!

  9. I hear ya. Unfortunately, a lot of my social media is required for work whether it’s the blog or side gigs or what. So I just kind of sludge through it all so I don’t miss the good stuff!

    1. That’s what I’ve been doing, and some part of me is worried my trimming will cause me to miss things. But also, my brain gets really stuck after so long reading.

  10. I only follow a few sales groups on FB that I don’t have notifications on for so I don’t get bogged down too much by that stuff. I do find myself sometimes getting caught up in what amazing things other riders are doing with their horses, but with one of my goals for this year being not to get caught up in comparisons, I’ve gone through and hidden a ton of people from my newsfeed. It’s helped me chill out a lot!

    1. Hiding certain people would probably make me a much happier person lol. And yes, I need to turn off notifications for sale groups pronto.

  11. Yes the cleaning out! It feels so very good and we are surrounded by too much all the time. Stuff and social media. I can absolutely relate and have been thinking about the social media side a lot recently. Mostly in a “it all takes up too much time and is hard to getaway from” way. Especially since beginning my blog. I have gone through before and left groups or unliked pages because I was seeing too much that I did not want to or was not interested in, but that certainly takes up too much time. Now I kinda do it as it comes up. Turning off notifications is key.

  12. I “like” very little these days and have muted or hidden notifications from most things. I can’t deny how powerful a tool social media is, but I don’t want to be bombarded by it. The info is still There, but only when I want it.

  13. This is so true. I feel bombarded by businesses or the big accounts with big followers, I don’t see as much from true connections. Or people I want to see their story or journey, even if it is just me and 5 other people.

    I wonder if others feel that way too. I hate seeing someone’s amazing announcement, 5 days late. ( I know that can be adjusted.. but still). I like to think maybe my life isn’t as exciting as others, sure, but maybe because algorithms keep the feed manipulated. But then again… Maybe not.

    I never nest. I purge. It is so refreshing.

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