It’s Cold Out There

Well thanks to a brigade of parents, clients, students, and mostly cooperative horses, we are all packed in at our new facility.   Since I had to work that day, I wasn’t able to contribute.  I’ll be sure to do a picture tour soon, but for now we are actually closed up shop.  With the high for today being all of 14 degrees, there is no riding.  It doesn’t look like it will be out of dangerous cold temperatures, -4 and -8 are both on the forecast until Tuesday or Wednesday.  And even then, that is a maybe.

Picture is from about a year ago, still bitter cold, at least then it was pretty!

So what is everyone doing to keep themselves occupied in this arctic blast?

I personally have been continuing my efforts on my 3 year plan, and watching my daughter lose her mind over Christmas toys.  Including this bouncy horse, which she actually prefers to take care of than ride.  She brings water from the kitchen to wash him, dries him back off again (including a makeshift sweat scraper) and then brushes him.  At least she is picking up some good habits from this summer at the barn.

I’ve also been making some tweaks here to  I opted to take a little more control this year, and so far am enjoying it.  But God knows that I’m sure I missed a link or photo or something in the transition – so please let me know if you find something broken.

In the meantime, stay warm!  Hopefully more interesting updates to come.

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16 thoughts on “It’s Cold Out There”

  1. Omg – I love that you’re raising a little horse girl 🙂 so cute

    It’s not quite so cold here (high of 35 today, high of 25 tomorrow), but it still just isn’t super conducive to horse time, which means I’m getting cabin fever very quickly.

  2. Is this weather not the craziest? We are 15 right now. We never get this low for so long. And I saw later this week a high of 10 one day? WHAT?? how can that be.

    BRGHHH Stay warm and glad the move went well. Looking forward to a tour of the new place when it warms up!! (might be good not having a horse right now HA).

    PS i love your daughter taking care of her pony. HOW CUTE!!

    1. Haha! I know! I keep looking at the weather and thinking this can’t possibly be the real feel?!

      But it is really that cold!

      Stay warm to you too. She’s good with her ‘pony’ and I’m so grateful he lives indoors 😛

  3. Ugh this cold really has me bummed lol, esp knowing it doesn’t look to be letting up any time soon! We got so spoiled with a mild winter last year I was not at all prepared…. Oh well. Maybe I should be like your daughter and just make believe with some stuffed animals or maybe the cats or something lol

    1. Haha, I’m sure your cats would love that? Maybe? ha!

      The cabin fever is striking bad today – but also, not enough layers to convince me to go out either. I’m stuck!

  4. Ugh, this cold is harsh! It’s been in the single digits or negative temps for what feels like weeks! Today it’s getting all the way up to 15…which is still too cold to ride. I’m looking ahead to Sunday when it will finally “warm up” and hit 31!

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