The Winter Uniform

Since this winter I will be growing exponentially in size, I’ve had to rethink my wardrobe. In the past few weeks I’ve built what I’m calling my winter uniform. Since I’m only riding once a week usually, I am basically just wearing this outfit over and over again.

And I don’t care. I love it.

Waist down:
**Noble Outfitters Balance Riding Tights – seriously cannot say enough about how much I love these. They still manage to fit somehow and still make me feel both confident and comfortable in the saddle.

**The cutest C4 belt.  I’m obsessed!  I had been thinking for months about buying another C4, and with perfect timing C4 reached out to me to see if I wanted to review one of their equestrian belts.  They shipped me this beauty, and I’m in love.  It looks classy, is easy to care for, easy to make shorter (next year) and actually keeps your pants in place.  I think a lot of bloggers already have them, but if you don’t – you need one.  If you have one already, you probably need one in another design.  There are dozens of cute ones.  Merry Christmas to yourself!

**I’m adding C4’s equestrian socks to my wardrobe as well, and I’m loving them. They are the new guys in my riding sock rotation, but so far I’m super impressed with the athletic look, quality and overall feel of the sock. They have to be just the right thickness for me, something that provides protection but doesn’t feel bulky in my tall boots. These are great!

**My trusty tredstep tall boots. Please, never die boots. You are the best.

On the top:
**One of my Kastel or EIS sun shirts. And no, I don’t live anywhere warm in December. I just tend to run a little hot when pregnant; add that to the cardio involved with getting the schoolies to canter somedays, and I actually find them to be the perfect temperature once we get going.

**I still love and cherish my dark red Ariat terrace coat, and it goes to all barn events with me. Still fitting at the moment, and I think I might be able to get a few more weeks out of it if I unzip some of the flaps in the back. Fingers crossed.


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11 thoughts on “The Winter Uniform”

    1. I love it! And yes, it was a perfect purchase. How crazy that it was two years ago! We need to plan some sort of reunion/get together!

  1. I run hot when riding, but am freezing all the rest of the time so I’ll often ride in sun shirts in the winter, but wear like 3 layers on top and slowly remove them as I ride.

    1. This is a good point. A lot of the time I start out with a jacket/hoodie on top and slowly layer down. This year it’s been so nice here that I’ve been spoiled.

  2. OMG! I didnt know that C4 made a belt in that pattern! I hope they do a post x-mas sale because I neeeeed. I love all my C4s. While I’m at it I may throw in some of those socks too- very cute and i prefer more athletic socks these days.

  3. Cute belt! TBH I have been disappointed in my C4 belts. I have received 2 as gifts and the print just wears off. I haven’t seen anyone else really mention it. But mine just look sad. Maybe it’s me?

    Those tights look great.

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