Difficult Decisions

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was still riding my mare, and while I knew her very well she wasn’t the most trust worthy creature at that time. I mostly flatted her (which she was great for), but lessons were few and far between. Soon after she went to the ranch and I was left horseless. Trainer kindly set me up with some trustworthy beasties who took great care of me.


After finding out about baby #2, my trainer and I had several discussions about my plans for the next few months. In the end, I opted to continue jumping for the time being. I was feeling fit, in a great lesson situation, and most importantly I was riding schoolmasters. We did decide that I wasn’t feeling safe on Giraffe horse. But with him off the list, the rest of the schoolie string were old partners who I trusted. Nothing is 100% in horses, but it’s what I felt comfortable with.

So until 13 weeks, I had been jumping around baby sized jumps and going on short trail rides. It isn’t exactly on par with the 3 foot jumper courses my lesson-mate is schooling, but it has kept me in the loop. I hope it will help me get back on my jumping game even more after baby.


I will admit that the first week as a flatwork only lesson was a welcome adjustment. I had been traveling a lot the past few weeks, and I could feel the jelly-leg curse coming on.  Plus, my self-perservation is pretty high right now.  It’s hard knowing how shaky I get as a rider, so quickly nowadays.  My big grand plan is to keep lessoning – flatwork for a few more weeks, but I’m taking it one day at a time.  Trainer is keeping me on my game with lots of crazy pole exercises so that’s fun!

Anyone else taking a break from jumping this winter?  Feel free to commiserate with me people.

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5 thoughts on “Difficult Decisions”

  1. I think you do what is best for you and you feel comfy doing! I admire you to continue to ride (And most horse crazy pregnant women i know do the same thing). Just keep on riding, until you know when to stop 🙂 I had friends who rode up to 7-8 months (albeit a lot slower and lot less strenuous) and they swear they had less recovery coming back from being pregnant.

    I am not pregnant and not ever going to be (TOO OLD LOL) but i slow it down even more in winter with jumping. I will go do a lesson once in while with Sally and maybe a clinic or two but riding slows down a bit and if i have much of it it is mostly hacking OR flat lessons. I like doing that in the winter as that makes me have to work on what i find boring 🙂 HA!

    I am glad you have a lot of good horses to ride. that is really the perfect situation. As long as you remember your saddle 🙂 LOL

  2. I commend you for making the choices that feel right for you and taking it day by day! If it makes you feel any better I have no excuse, but I’m not jumping all that much lately — and the highest I’m jumping is 2′ when I do.

  3. sounds like you’re doing the best you can with being realistic about your needs now, and about what can wait until a not-so-distant future. for me, feeling safe and comfortable beats anything else! tho i’ve been grounded from jumping for so long and for so many reasons… i’m eager to get back to it!

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