Updates in Life

I hope everyone is enjoying time with family, eating too much food and sleeping it off afterwards. Bonus if you get time with the horses in your life!

My husband and I are spending the day lounging and visiting with family. And of course…charging all the devices so we can destroy Black Friday. He hates to shop last minute, and I love to get presents as soon as possible so that I can geek out and wrap everything. Different reasons but same shopping explosion!

A rough look at my personal shopping list:

  • New helmet for me
  • Helmet for tiny equestrian
  • The new sports tek pants from riding warehouse

  • Tights for tiny equestrian
  • New tan breeches for me
  • I also have a total crush on the new equestrian belts from C4 (review coming soon!)


I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me in Horse Junkies United’s blogger contest. I was really honored and excited to be a part of the final five, and ended up being the runner up! Such a cool experience!

So happy turkey day, and happy shopping days!

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