Banding Together

This past week a big announcement came down the pipe. The barn I’ve been with for the 5 years is undergoing a large change. We are leaving behind our 46 stall barn facility to join a private farm’s already existing organization. Both groups will continue to train with respective trainers and do our own programs, but for the first time in a long time we will be sharing home turf.

Throwback #doubleDee picture of current place.

Major perks are the fact that the facility is owned by established and immersed owners. They want to continue investing into the facility; the grounds and care is top notch. Not to mention our staff, who know the horses best, will be coming with. Being in a smaller facility could be nice too-the current place has a lovely giant indoor, and a nice outdoor, but it is also a lot to manage and I know it’s stressful for our people.

My biggest “sad moment” was realizing we were going to have to give up hosting all the local horse shows. The new place just isn’t big enough to deal with the onslaught of people. There is still several very nice local places, but nothing is easier than living at the show facility.  This is us getting that little extra shove to get out of our comfort zone, and it’s probably a good thing in the long run.

Spoiled by our giant indoor arena.

The second stomach clencher was that yes, the drive is going to be longer. I’m not exactly sure how much further but when you’re a hot mess of a schedule anyway–every minute counts!  Obviously not excited about that, but there aren’t a lot of options closer to my home either way.

As a future boarder (God willing) I know that what pricked my ears up was the pasture board. It is double the size of our current situation! Plus a nice shelter, and is already set for hay and feeding stations. Big win there.  We’ve also been told that there is a fantastic outdoor riding space.  Both an arena, and a flat, grassy space where we could easily have lessons or move jumps out for when the weather is nice.  This makes me really excited to try it out.

I do think that this, with any big change, will bring pressure and priority changes within the organization.  We are a tight crew of riders, parents, staff, and trainer — but things like this do tend to divide.  So far, I have been really proud of the groups ability to all band together and make this happen.  Fingers crossed everyone stays positive as we continue on.  Move date is tentatively scheduled for one month from now!

It’s probably bad, but I’m weirdly happy to not have to move a horse.  Tack is way easier to maneuver.


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