Missing Time

Between traveling for horse shows, and lessons rearranging, I was able to snag rides on the big red lesson horse last week.  He doesn’t do a ton over the weekend, so trainer offered me the chance to get some badly needed rides in.

Big red could care less if I show up or not, but both of us could really use the fitness.  Okay, mainly me.

Pictured: one very excited to see me big red horse.  I’m lying.  

Since my riding experiences lately are largely tied to riding lessons, there is always a critique or request from trainer to focus on.  Riding on my own is a bit foreign now, and while I love any part of being in the saddle, what I found I miss the most are the times in-between training.

I miss the cool out sessions, where you wander aimlessly around the ring chatting with other riders.  Or perhaps the break between gaits, where I am walked to the center of the ring and BRH (big red horse) parks himself and prays I get off and be done.  I miss taking as long as I want to clean and chat with other riders around our tack.  Or having the chance to watch friends ride before or after me.

Special appearance by indoor turnout horse slobber on mirrors.  

I really enjoyed just being able to be a usual customer at the barn.  Recently I’ve been very aware of how long it’s been since I have been an owner.  I knew upon selling O that the disconnect from the social aspect would be just as rough on me as the lost riding time.

Anyway, maybe it’s being horseless, maybe it’s being a mom, but it’s something I miss far more than the shows.  I would never trade my hectic schedule and life, but I’ve accepted that on my path there will be times where I miss out on things.  This is why I am so thankful for the extra rides offered to me on big patient red horses, so that I can soak in a bit more of those moments.

Who else finds themselves missing the little moments, the in-betweens, more than actual training when they are horseless?  I can’t be the one.


23 thoughts on “Missing Time

  1. You are not alone! Different life stages bring different challenges and experiences when it comes to horses. While I am not horseless, I have 2 little people to take care of and a hubby who travels for work. So my “horse world” (and any outside world in general, haha) is very small these days – but like you I wouldn’t trade my life for any other! I keep my horses at home, which I love, but I do miss some of the social aspects of boarding. As the kiddos get older I will get to do a bit more and am hoping to board a couple horses at my place someday and have also turned to social media to connect with other horse people. Compared to other hobbies, horses can be a hard one to hang onto during changing life seasons….but us horse people are a determined group! 🙂

  2. After moving the chestnut boys home and beginning my horse search I really missed those moments on a horse’s back and all the time spent grazing them and grooming them at the barn with friends all around. The boys at home, particularly at first, were much less interested in me than ever before as they explored their new digs and ate all the grass. P in particular had always been in my pocket and he did a 180 once he had the option to eat grass all day without needing me to do it, lol.
    I finally feel back to normal having Maestro at the boarding barn. A bit sad that I can’t see him every day (promised my husband I wouldn’t be crazy like that) but I love my saddle time and being part of my barn family again. Oh and jumping, omg I missed jumping.

  3. Obviously not alone! I’m currently horseless and barnless, so I know what you mean about missing the little moments. Thanks for this post- seeing Red’s sleepy face in my reader made me smile!

  4. Oh yeah I definitely missed it mostly when I moved. At my old barn it didn’t really matter if you were horseless or not, everyone was encouraged to come hang out, we often had snacks specifically on Saturday and old riders and new would be swinging in and out of the barns. Trainer was never too busy to crack a joke or chat with anyone, and most people would offer up there horse for you to cool out if you were wearing riding clothes (or heck trainer would just tell you to go grab a horse out of the field and put in a quick ride.)

    Being a newbie down here was hard because I was looking for a barn and also had no horse, it’s hard to ask to hang out when you barely know people.

  5. yep, this was me last summer. it was seriously emotionally challenging to still find that joy and happiness in riding and horses without getting that fix from those quiet inbetween moments. i’m glad you’ve got the opportunity to work with the big red guy for a little bit!

  6. When I was horseless for a few months between 2011-2012, it was the little moments I missed the absolute most. I felt empty without them. I completely understand missing things like that!

  7. Yes! I’ve been able to sneak in more of this suspended time around my lessons the last few months, but it’s difficult when I end up doing a lesson on a day I work.
    One of my favorite non-social things (and rare perk) about being a stable hand during high school was that time in summer mornings and winter evenings when everyone had either gone home or not yet arrived; going into the horses stalls to greet them, fill up their water buckets or give them breakfast.

    Now I definitely need to go to the barn tomorrow!

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