The New Boots

Back in August, my husband gifted me the opportunity to go pick out my first real cowboy boots.  It took me weeks to go actually shop around, mainly because I was intimidated by all the options out there.  Thanks to everyone for their knowledge sharing!

Well a few weeks ago I actually pulled the trigger and brought them home!

Aren’t they pretty?!?

I got a great deal at a local boot place, and I cannot wait to really break them in.  They got some love already, a waterproofing, but other than that they’ve just sat here looking pretty.  I was too afraid to break them in while traveling, so I’m looking forward to that in the coming weeks!  I think they are nice enough to wear around, but can easily wear to work too.  And yes, they are Ariat.

The biggest take away from the buying experience is that western boots (in my opinion) seemed more difficult to fit than my riding tall boots are!  I must’ve tried on 30 pairs, and I feel like they were all very different once on.  Definitely not something you can purchase online.

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