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The other day I was scrolling Facebook and noticed some local trainers had liked a page for the Sales Paddock App.  The app claimed to be the cool new way to connect with sales horses.  It hosts an easy communication tool with the owners, along with lots of filtering and sharing options.  Seeing as my riding life is a little on the quiet side, I was all over this. Who isn’t looking for their unicorn right?  I found my current job on an app…it’s not that crazy.

I quickly downloaded and got my account started.  It begins with the basics that you find on many horse sale websites (ie, etc.).

first on list

Once you narrow your interests a bit, the app launches up with 3 main pages

  1. To look at horses around you
  2. Show “check in”
  3. Look up horse by trainer selling them.


Show Check in

Trainers 3

Even though my region doesn’t have a ton of “really big” horse shows, I immediately thought the show check in was really neat.  I know that a large portion of horse trying and buying happens at shows, and it’d be interesting as a potential buyer who is showing, to be able to see who brought what sale horse.  If you’re like our area, there is also some really standout breeders and trainers, so having the ability to shop exclusively their horses is a fun feature.

As you get to looking, I would highly suggest using the additional filters at the bottom of the app to fine tune things a bit.  In my case, budget and location range helped a significant amount.  I was intrigued to see a lease option as well.


Since I help my trainer advertise some of her sale horses, I see value in the ability to share any ad to Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and Email.  That’s a lot of birds with one stone.

This horse has the best name!

And not someone who wants to call 10 people about their elusive horse ad– no fear, you can chat with the sellers on the app itself.

In the week or two that I’ve had it on my phone, I feel like I open it every couple of days.  As is the case with any sale site, it doesn’t change a lot, but a few new horses have popped up.  I wish their was a way to sort the ads, but maybe that will come later.

If you’re like me and love pursuing the sale ads, and seeing what’s out there, I encourage you to download and shop around a little.  Anyone else seen or used this app?

Happy (app) shopping!


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15 thoughts on “Sales Paddock App Review”

  1. Hadn’t heard of or used this app yet, but it’s definitely a cool concept. MUCH more efficient than manually searching all the internet ads!

  2. Never used this, but glad it is so user friendly! I was looking at a horse named Diva once and decided her show name would be Day Drinking Diva. Kinda sad I didn’t buy her for that reason alone….

  3. Sounds like a cool app. I think if I was selling a horse I’d be a little nervous about checking it in at a show, like hey my horse is here for anyone to steal. But I dunno, I’m more paranoid than most. I do like it as a buyer. Not that I am buying anything.

  4. Hey there! I’m the owner of Sales Paddock App, Alison Koenig. Thank you so much for downloading it and seeing a lot of the cool things we are trying to do for buying and selling! You are not the first person to mention a sort feature and it is on my list to add 🙂 Please keep checking back for new features and the app to continue to grow. If anyone has any feedback on it, please contact us. My developers have NEVER told me no to a feature and if it gets enough demand, we’ll get it on there!

        1. Awesome! I still check in a few times a week to what’s out there, and I think I’m going to post one of our sale horses up to see if we get any hits. 🙂

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