Frugal October

I’m not naturally someone who spends easily spends money.  I tend to overthink my purchases, and am definitely the chick who takes stuff back…all…the…time.    Because I have to be sure.

There are two areas I can be kind of dumb with money in.

  1. Horses
  2. Daughter

Luckily for my finances not having an actual animal to spoil helps out significantly with item #1.  It really just leads to obsessive online horse shopping.  I mean, I would’ve taken this one if you forced me….


But anyway, my daughter has halted her latest growth spurt, quickly followed by my car needing 4 tires, our deck needing redone and did I mention my car got 4 new tires?  So frugal October has officially kicked off.  My husband and I gave this idea  whirl earlier in the year when our home decided to stop working and needed some interventions.

It’s an easy principle….for one month…anything out of the ordinary, or things not needed — just don’t push buy, don’t swipe that card.   If it can wait, it should.  It seems easy enough, but has a big impact.  The first time we did it we managed to completely compensate for our household updates.  It really says a lot about how the little things really add up.  It feeds my constant obsession, and makes me feel good about adulting.

Obviously if I forget my lunch at home (ahem-yesterday) no I won’t go hungry, I’m going to go grab something.  But it just means that I make the effort to plan for purchases.  Maybe I ought to skip one month of my wine club subscription thing and go grab some cheap stuff at Trader Joes?  Maybe my frozen chicken meal will be better than ordering chinese tonight?  I will say that like many rule structures – it does automatically make the opposite reaction very tempting.  In this case buying stuff or shopping now seems much more fun.  Even the little things.

A short list of random things I’ve now decided (within the past few days) I want…but not need.  Yet.

I want this rainbow crop.  It’s so obnoxious.  My black one disappears constantly…sometimes it comes home to me…most recently it has not.  No one will steal this thing in a hunter/jumper barn.

Or these adorable stickers I can adorn all the planner pages with?  And there are more for when I purchase dream horse 2.0!

sticker 1

Etsy link:


Personalized Chirstmas stockings…I need them right?  Even though my mantle doesn’t let us hang stuff?

And of course – something for the tiny human.

Most of these are pretty inexpensive.  I could and should just grab it, but stupid Frugal October is only 5 days in.  So I’m waiting.   Whew.  Adulting is a lot of work, and an effort in self-control.  Wish me luck!



18 thoughts on “Frugal October

  1. You’re in good company! With my new lease I am trying to be a good wifey and stop buying the wants. It’s freaking hard!!! I had the saddle fitter adjust my saddle yesterday and boom! $390 gone. So really no more fun spending this month. I’ve saved a lot on outfitting the tiny humans in adorable hand me downs though from friends!!

  2. Oh man. Not spending is so hard! I didn’t buy anything horse related for a few months ((somehow)) but broke that streak and ordered a new helmet and a full set of Majyk Equipe boots last month…which were both things that I needed, and had wanted for a while, but somehow still feel guilty about splurging on because I had been doing so well with not buying things!
    Good luck with the rest of the month – I probs would have caved at that tiny adorable t-shirt!

    • Haha, I haven’t yet, still might! But yes- I’m much better once I really have time to mull over purchases like you did. I drool over majyk equipe…just need the horse to put them on first!

  3. Adulting is hard. We are generally pretty good with money but there definitely are things we could do without that we buy. Might have to try this in Jan after the holidays.

  4. You are strong. I will skip meals (work has Carby snacks that will suffice, and most importantly white monsters) in order to make horse shit happen. … Uh that was punny yet accurate

  5. Ugh frugal October sounds like something I would fail at. I don’t do a ton of big purchases but definitely do lots of little things. Love that last shirt tho!

  6. Hello fellow obsessive!

    Budgeting is harrrrrrrd. I am on a pantry cleanout and a craft closet cleanout right now. I’m not doing a total no-spend but I’m back to tracking every penny after a summer of hemorrhaging cash and ugh.

  7. Ugh! I hate those months where it seems like everything hits- always ‘boring’ adult-ish stuff that costs an annoying amount of money. I have had my fair share of frugal months this past year- and then the months where you don’t have to be so frugal feel so much better! Coming off a bit of a frugal run currently with Rio’s vet bills, it feels so good to get that $25 shirt or splurge on Thai for lunch with the co-workers. Keep your chin up and a list of what you will buy when the the time comes!

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