All Four Legs

After my emotion packed lesson last week, my trainer and decided I should take a few lessons to get my confidence back and see where we go next.  I arrived to find myself assigned to an old favorite, “my” beefcake red lesson pony.  While he was never my favorite when riding him before I bought O (which seems like a very long time ago), I became very attached in past years since he hauled my pregnant butt around for weeks and kept us both very safe after I got back in the tack .


He wasn’t quite as excited to see me as I was him, but obliged and let me tack him up and pull him to the outdoor.  He actually really warmed up nicely and seemed to appreciate having someone who knew a bit more than “up, down, up, down”.  I was feeling pretty good about myself, and we headed around to warm up over a little crossrail.

He gave the crossrail an unusually big jump (for him) and I am pretty sure I mentally squealed a little at how sweet this boy was.  The fun ended when he landed, and somewhere between putting his back legs down and cantering forwards, he seemed to lose track of his front legs.  Horses need all 4 legs, and unfortunately for us, this meant we were thrashing around in the arena dirt, as he desperately tried to get off his knees.  I thought for sure we were going to roll right over.

Somehow after a full 8-10 feet of knee sliding/thrashing he righted himself and halted.  He was blowing very hard and I immediately reached forward to give him giant pats.  I literally cannot believe we didn’t go over.  After swearing to red horse that I would personally take care of him for the rest of his life for keeping us upright, I trotted off.  Big red was obviously super sore on his knees, and we decided to cut my lesson off in exchange for a cold hosing.

So that’s how my second lesson in so many weeks, was cut short.  This time for a very different reason.  Regardless, I am very lucky and glad that my horse was able to get us both back up after his trip.  He got lots of cold hose time, then wrapped up and extra cookies in his stall.  My trainer reported that he was feeling so much better the next day and went back to his normal life. She also joked that she really is trying to make it fun for me.


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20 thoughts on “All Four Legs”

  1. Eek! Those few seconds are SO SCARY. Big red definitely earned his board for another few months with that one!! <3

  2. Horses going down are like that rollercoaster free fall moment to me. What a good boy to find his feet and stop after. Sorry lesson 2 was another rough one. Hope the next lesson really is uneventful.

  3. Oh man. No fun. I had that happen off a down bank and I just had to ride it out and hope for the best! Glad you’re both ok! And glad he makes you so happy! He’s awfully cute!!

  4. Glad you’re ok! I’m on an okie but goodie School guy right now, he loves that I give him cookies, hates that I make him do real work. It’s nice to feel safe up there.

  5. Yikes, stampede was always the king of tripping especially closer to retirement with his back issues. Once we were riding indoors coming off a line of fences and he proceeded to canter on his knees for several strides and make the turn. No idea how he saved it but he did. Friends said it looked like I was just casually sitting there the whole time, lol. I also don’t remember how many times I used to tell Stampede “you have 4 legs!”. Oh horses. Glad it all worked out okay for you and the cute pony. On to the next ride!

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