Help Me Shop: Western Boots

My birthday was this past week, and my husband gifted me the one thing I made him promise to not pick out on his own (because I want to do it!). He’s buying me my very first pair of western boots.

Ariat_10021620_15 Large

These seem nice!

I live in cowboy boot country (maybe not as common as TX though), and while it wasn’t love at first sight, the past few years I’ve been slowly getting behind this look!  My husband didn’t help since he has a problem with people who’ve never seen livestock, let alone worked with them, buying up boots.  I just roll my eyes, the guy grew up on a cattle ranch, he’s allowed to have some opinions about our city cowboys if he really wants to.  Whatever, he married a city girl after all.

Anyway, I decided that at this point in my life I would really like my own pair.  I’m tired of wearing my paddock boots around the ranch when we are there, plus I’m now trying to extend the life of my tall boots, so it’d be nice to have a pair to toss on when I’m just puttering around the stable/tacking up/whatever.  I’m excited to go pick out some, and try them on, but I’m pretty clueless.  My husband swears by Ariat, but I want to know more.  CobJockey also did a great review recently, which seems to put another vote in favor of Ariat boots.

My Shopping qualifications:

  • Height of boot to not look stupid on my tall frame – I’m 5’10”
  • Ease of break in
  • Heel is reasonable, as previously mentioned I’m plenty tall on my own
  • I think I prefer brown, something neutral – please nothing super loud, that’s not my style
  • It needs to last me, I get attached to my shoes
  • Pricetag under $250


Speak to me people!  Anyone have experience with western styled boots?  Passionate feelings about certain brands?  I know in some places it’s a culture, to me it’s just footwear, so I need any insider knowledge.  I’d welcome any opinions you want to share!

photo 4 (2)

The last pair of boots I’ve bought.


18 thoughts on “Help Me Shop: Western Boots

  1. I will be interested to hear as well. I’ve been thinking of getting some for doing barn work at home. I currently wear my Dublin boots for that but they are a bit hot in the summer and a bit clunky to walk around in after a while. I tried on the Ariat’s that Jen reviewed but they were too wide for me and a bit short I think. I also tried on the regular Heritage boots with a pointy toe in a size too small and liked them but now can’t find them in my size anywhere at less than full price so I’ve been holding out, lol. I have no knowledge of other brands so have been afraid to branch out!

    • That’s where I’m at, I know of ariats bc they cross over to English, but as a whole I know very, very little about the brand options available! I do really think they’d be a great shoe to have around for all types of work/riding.

  2. I’ve had a pair of Ariat’s baby fats for probably 4 years now that I wear pretty regularly. I haven’t taken care of them at all and other than being dirty, they look great.

  3. Ariat western boots are literally the only western boot I will look at. They fit like gloves, last forever, and come in so many shapes as sizes. I’d rather go barefoot than wear any other western boot.
    I would stay away from the Fat Baby line if you have a pretty high arch or want to ride in them. I’ve found they don’t fit into stirrups well.
    I have a pair of Heritage in mahogany brown with pink/purple stitching. I love them because they’re fancy enough to go out in but not so fancy I’d be afraid to really use them at the barn (though I don’t because dressage).

  4. Another vote for Ariat. I’m notoriously hard to fit, but I purchased my first pair of Ariats in Austin back in 2010 and they’ve only gotten more comfortable with every wear! There’s almost no break-in time, and there are literally hundreds of color, leather and height options, as well as different toe shapes (rounded, square, pointed, etc). I wear my Ariats all the time and can completely understand how ranchers spend all day in them! I think I paid around $150 for mine and they still look new. Ariat has tons of great boots in all price ranges so you’re sure to find something you love!

  5. I worked at Justin Brands for 4 years and would recommend any of their brand boots (Justin, Tony lama or Nocona). My priority with cowboy boots is that they are made domestically. For that reason I would never buy Ariats. Nocona and Tony Lama run a bit narrower and Justin are wider. Not all boots from those brands are made domestically, by many are. And they are within your price range.

  6. Showing AQHA I have a lot of opinions on cowboy boots.
    I don’t like Ariats or Justin. At ALL.
    I LOVE my Logan boots, but they’re going to be a little above your price range (that said – they are WELL worth it). Other brands I like: Anderson Bean, Lucchese, Ferrini and Tin Haul. I’d look at Cavenders or Sheplers – they have great customer service and deals and will help you get something really high quality.

  7. I love my Justin boots personally… They’re comfy and look nice, even five years after I bought them. My advice is to go to a western tack store because they’ll have the most selection and the best prices. We had one in Georgia called Horsetown. I’ll have to find one here in Florida, though…

    • Yeah there are a few places near me that I will probably go check out, and try a bunch one, but there are a TON of options and I was overwhelmed by the amount. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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