Still Here, Just Busy

The months of June and July ended being some of the craziest I’ve ever set up.  I’ll be in 7 different cites in 61 days doing my day job.  Add that to my trainers travel, and pretty much I’m in a non-riding holding pattern until things calm down. 

Getting business done.

Airport sign wins!

I’m squeezing lessons in when I can, but full disclaimer, I continue to struggle.  It’s been a long time since I cried during lessons twice in a row.  Or maybe I’m at 3 in a row now?  Anyway…

Chestnut boys!

Essentially riding hasn’t been fun lately.  I’m not giving up, but it’s been nice to get away, see somewhere new.  Hopefully when I get back in the saddle next I’ll be in a better spot mentally and ready to deal with the hard lessons.  

14 thoughts on “Still Here, Just Busy

  1. Ack, crying in lessons is the WORST. I’m so sorry you’re going through a rough riding patch, that can be so disheartening. Maybe taking a bit of an unplanned step back due to a busy non-horse life will be good in the grand scheme of things- help you focus and what it is that needs to change to make riding fun again. Best of luck and keep us updated.

  2. Aw I’m sorry 😦 lessons while I was between horses were surprisingly difficult for me too. And not just bc riding is hard. Ugh. Anyway glad you’re still around (albeit super busy!). Lmk if you end up back in the Baltimore DC area!!

  3. As someone who also travels a ton for work and routinely has difficulty scheduling in lessons during those busy times, I know how hard it is to keep it all together through that!! Part of it usually ends up being my own expectations- when your lessons are few and far between- it sucks even more when you have a bad one. I agree with what HH said, the mini break could be really good.
    Is it something you’d feel comfortable talking to your trainer about? Just letting her know the things that have been most frustrating in your lessons recently? Even if she probably knows- it might help you to say them out loud and it might be more impactful for her to hear you say it. Maybe she could come up with some exercise that help break down the frustrating parts a little more. (This is my go-to if I’ve had a string of really tough lessons)
    Either way, you’ve got this!

    • That’s exactly how it is! It’s totally my expectations which are screwing with my head. I have a chat with my trainer scheduled this week, so I’m sure that we can lay some stuff on the table and gameplan.

  4. Riding can be SUCH a roller coaster — some days it’s the only reason you smile and others it’s the most difficult. Add to that being an amateur… with a job and a family and it’s just not easy. Hang in there “this too shall pass” ❤

    P.S. Let me know if you'll be in my area at all for travel!! I'd love to meet up again 😀

  5. Oh gosh I’m right there with ya. My instructor for the past 1.5 years just moved away and now I’m trying to navigate working with a completely new personality that pretty much made me feel like I’m not up to par. Definitely had a cry fest after that encounter. We’ll just have to keep our heads up and keep moving forward. Glad you’re able to get away for a bit though!


  6. Girl Preach! I used to work as a recruiter for a ski resort. Really fun job! Loved it! And I was the International Hiring Manager to boot. We took in something like 300 work place learning students from 11 different countries and I went to more than half of them within a very short amount of time. Sometimes I interviewed as man as 65 students in one day. Needless to say, that was another life. I could barely do ANYTHING else. I can’t imagine trying to squeeze in time for lessons and such. My point, it’s “okay.” I always felt like I let people down or something, but those were just pressures of my imagination. Going to the barn is still work, but hopefully it becomes fun again. Sometimes, when I break down, it’s because I need to take a few steps back. I am clearly no pro, but I often see myself a higher level than I really am… because, shouldn’t I be!? I worked so dang long to get there! Fit into my schedule! But, well, that’s not how this particular activity works. Anyway, I’m sure you’re slay’n it at whatever job you do. While pressure is good, sometimes it can be crippling. Enjoy the ride. (Lol, preaching’ to myself a bit here as well).

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