Personalized Horseshoe Necklace Review

Back in 2016 when I put my horse O (full name Olive) up for sale, and subsequently sold her I was pretty jumbled up about it.  My husband hung on to my sanity for me, and tried his best to understand what I was going through.  However, I was floored when he had this necklace made for me for Valentines’ Day, which was the week after O left.

FullSizeRender (23)

I had wanted something with O’s name on it pretty much the entire time I had her, but just hadn’t gone and done it.  Now that she was gone, I still wanted a way to remember her, and the lessons that came from that ownership.  Hubs was on it, and came up with the perfect necklace from

My Name Necklace has hundreds of variations of personalized jewelry and gifts.  Obviously my husband went straight for the search bar and brought up all things horse.  He told me the process was very simple, and the necklace shipped very quickly, especially considering it was free.  It arrived in a little felt/fabric pouch with snap for storage, the chain appears solid and strong, and the inscription is easy to read.

Over a year later, I am incredibly impressed.  For a $30 necklace, this one has held up to significant use, showers, rides, workouts, toddler pulls, and continues to look really great.  There are a few marks around where the chain connects to the horseshoe, but I would expect that of any jewelry I wear this much.

If you’re looking for an affordable, but durable and pretty way to display a horses name, monogram, or any text really, I would definitely recommend My Name Necklace!  I am already thinking of what I can buy when the next horse comes down the line.  They have really adorable bracelets I’ve been eyeing too.  We will see!



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