I Need Your Opinions

There’s a strange lull in my area during the fall.  Sometimes there is a schooling show or two, but not much.  A few trainers are considering doing a jumper derby type of event, bringing together our eventing groups with the jumpers for a nice way to end the season.


I have been asked to help prepare a few things for said potential show–and well–I’ve never done a jumper derby.  God help us.

Erv training

Me as a jumper lol

Anyway, what I need today is opinions!  This time, it’s about vendors and prizes!  Let’s hear it:

  1. What do people like to get as prizes?  Back in the good ole days of me showing I loved getting coolers and saddle pads.  Is that still the cool thing?  Please tell me as I am no longer cool.
  2. Does anyone actually shop at these shows?  Is it worth while to grab some of our local vendors and have them set up shop?  Or should I just preserve that area for parking….

Other than that, we are just scoping out sponsors, figuring out bleachers and how to fit everything into our venue.  Anyone have any fabulous advice please feel free to share.  Obviously I am not doing this alone; we have a well oiled group who orchestrates many of the H/J shows.  It’s just a bit new for us, and the scale is a bit larger.  So trying to cover all our bases.

Image result for horse show derby fence




18 thoughts on “I Need Your Opinions

  1. I love winning saddle pads. I am also uncool though and I really like getting socks as prizes. I’ve been to jumper derbies that had no sponsors and were an absolute blast because the jumps were first class cross country and stadium jumps. A local barn is putting on their first one this year that looks like it’s leaning more towards a hunter derby (two rounds–a classic and a handy, but trying to include eventers by going in and out of the ring with cross country type fences), and they’re going crazy with sponsors, vendor tents, and prizes. I’m curious to see how it ends up going.

  2. i’d second the gift certificates and saddle pads – also horse treats and socks and crops and stuff are fun. i’d also consider reaching out to the local shops to see if they want to donate stuff, even if it’s samples and whatnot. and you can never underestimate the value of a bottle of wine lol, or cups/glasses/waterbottles with the show logo/year monogrammed on.

    idk about the shopping thing – it kinda depends on the number of entries. if it’s a small show, probably not would be my guess, unless it also happens to be a vendor whose gift cards you gave out as a prize.

    sounds like a fun show, enjoy!

  3. Negative to the shopping. For prizes for 1st place — horse treats, boot socks, brushes, ball caps and t-shirts. For champion prizes — saddle pads, halters w/name plate, coolerettes

  4. One can never have too many saddle pads! And like everyone else, I love gift cards. Also, if you have really small, small businesses in your area that want a chance for exposure and networking, it wouldn’t hurt to provide that opportunity. And I love the jumper picture of you!

  5. It won’t hurt to invite local businesses to be vendors at your show, especially if you can work in vendor space as part of a sponsorship package or don’t charge an exorbitant fee.

    Small shows are sometimes very profitable for local vendors – the costs are low (no hotel, minimal fuel, only one meal to comp) and sometimes people are REALLY EXCITED to shop. HoC has done some one day dressage shows where everyone has been tickled to see us and our profit was decent.

  6. How fun! I wish there were more derbies around here. Gift cards to the vendor that’s there would be awesome. I still dream of winning a cooler so I’d include that if you can. I won a halter tag for an endurance ride and thought that was pretty cool.

  7. Coolers and saddle pads are great prizes for champion — I also love getting a smaller prize for first place (horse cookies, riding socks are my faves). You can also never go wrong with baseball hats!

    One final thing: at the most recent show I went to we got prize packs just for coming — it was TOTALLY unexpected and made my (rather large) show bill a tiny bit easier to swallow. It had stickers, a baseball hat, pens and an embroidered saddle pad in it — but honestly, anything unexpected would have really made an impression on me. Just something to think about 😀

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