Thinking Back and Forward

My current crazy train keeps going, and horses continue to be a bright spot. Lesson with bonus drinks with barn lovelies is tomorrow, so I’m real excited for that!

However, today I was going through my poor half-dead, cracked, hot mess of an iPhone to make sure I had everything backed up for my new one, and I found some pictures I just really wanted to share.  They both made my heart happy, and just a little sad.  But I think all big life changes prompt that kind of emotion!


My Olive, the week I bought her. I was infatuated.

Seeing these photos of O and my journey, especially in the one above where we are a brand new partnership, makes me crave that relationship again.  The bad memories seem to be the first to fade for me.  I know why it was hard to be an owner – but it doesn’t seem as important as time moves on.  As my time with Dee nears it’s end, I really find myself wondering what to do next.


O was always ready for a selfie

After some heart to heart chats with my husband, I do understand and grasp that this is not the right time to buy a horse.  Not with my career, not with some upcoming home and car improvements, it’s just not ideal.


And I’m not willing to do anything until the situation is as near to perfect as possible – I need to set myself up for success here!

So what’s the plan?

Not a friggin’ clue.  And that’s terrifying for someone who literally plans things for a living.

I guess I’ll just have to make it up as we go!

7 thoughts on “Thinking Back and Forward

  1. oh man i’m so sorry to read that the lease is almost up with Dee – i hadn’t realized! while it definitely sucks now, your plan of waiting until the situation is right and you’ve found your new perfect partner makes the most sense. doesn’t do much for right now, but it’s unlikely you’ll regret this choice down the road either! good luck! and yay for post-lesson drinks with the barn lovelies!!

  2. As someone who waited for a long time to buy again, I think it’s important to wait until the time feels right… but also to remember that sometimes you have to take a little leap of faith. I know those sound contradictory, but if there’s a lot working against you right now, then wait. Something will show up, a door will open, and your next step will become clear. I believe that things happen for a reason — that these “setbacks” are probably just preparing you for what comes next.

    I would never have been able to ride Miles if I hadn’t had the experiences I did while I saved up money to buy him. And if I had tried to buy sooner or later, I wouldn’t have found him. Just my experience, though so YMMV ❤

  3. I’m a planner type too, and it’s so hard when life is beyond your ability to plan… which let’s be real – it always is! The right situation will come along though. I’m confident about that!

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