Hair Do Redo

Dee is the easiest of easy keepers.  Fluffy and fat, she rocked it out this winter living outside.  (She’s also barefoot which is really neat.). But anyway, she has been losing giant tufts of hair the past two weeks, but not in an organized way.  So she’s been looking a bit…ragamuffin?

Dragging a tufted hair Dee along with the baby.

I mean, I think she’s always cute but…she got a bit of an upgrade this week.

Ta da!  See!!!  Ugh-dorable.  Also note the absence of several hundred pounds.  Now that she’s been in consistent work and without her fluff, I think she’s really looking like her super sporty self. 

Smile Dee!

I am also enjoying the ability to groom her without covering myself in 10lbs of hair.  A big shout out to Dee’s momma for taking some time to turn her out so lovely!

We snuck in a really great ride in our front field tonight. I badly needed a break from the real world, and taking a cute shaved pony for a ride was just the thing.  

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