Kamik Rain Boot : A Review 

In spring of 2016 I was on a hunt for some rain boots to bring with me to Rolex.  This was to replace the random boots I had snagged at Rolex when it became one giant mud puddle event two years beforehand.  Lessons learned people-it always rains at Rolex.  Or it will unless you buy rain boots.

In action at Rolex 2016

I’m an Amazon prime lover, so when I stumbled upon these Kamik Jennifer Rain Boot, with a 4-star  review rating, and a pricetag around $30 I was very interested!  Add to that the fact that there is over 10 colors, and the logo has a horse on it and I was sold.

They are a bit more fitted, and while I usually wear a size 9, I can make it work.  They are best with the slick riding socks.  For future buyers, I would recommend going up size, especially if you plan on wearing thicker socks!  They don’t come in half sizes.

Amazon prime FTW

Since I wanted to be able to use these boots year around, (and I have an awesome sister-in-law) I was gifted a pair of boot socks/inserts to add to my outfit.  I’m not sure exactly which store, so I’m guessing a bit here.  They are monogrammed for extra fun.
Something like this:

Etsy Store Link

I’m still thrilled with these boots, and they remain 100% waterproof a year later.  I may need to buy another larger pair (my bad)or another color, but will definitely be looking into these boots for any future purchases.

Also great for snowy bareback rides

So check ’em out.  It is mud season after all.

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