The Nope Week

I’ve decided we’re having a nope week.  It’s where things look promising, and then end up with a big ole giant nope instead.

It was lovely Monday, a sunny 55 degrees, and I drove out to ride Dee with baby in tow.  Typically she eats her snack in her stoller, plays with her book, screams at the barn cats or Dee, drinks her milk and chills out with us.


Image result for nope memeInstead, I get on:

  • Dee doesn’t want to go forwards.  Baby throws her pacifier (my insurance plan) on the grass.
  • I get off, get crop, give baby pacifier, get back on using a handy dandy hill to climb aboard.
  • Dee goes forward (yay), and I break out my new bluetooth remote (thanks Sarah from Eventing in Color for the idea) to snap some pics.  Oh but wait, cell phone has already fallen off of post.
  • I look over at baby, she has now thrown her book, paci, most of her snack on the ground.  She’s working on taking a shoe off.
  • I get off, prop up phone. Give baby back her crap.  Put shoe back on.
  • Climb back on Dee, proceed on wards.
  • Making all the way through cantering before baby proceeds to cry at me.  She’s pissed her shoes are off.
  • I give up.  Get off horse.  Grab stroller.  Proceed to tell them both they are going to be sold to a 3rd world country.
    • Joking people.  Not my horse to sell, and selling babies is illegal.

Our other hack this week was quite similar, only no baby to contend with.  Dee wasn’t a huge fan of the go button, and we got in a lovers quarrel about the fact she can indeed go around round as a little ball.  Her llama impersonation is not impressive.  I invented a new term for the pictures we got, and here it is.



Blur-ugly.  You’re welcome.

Here’s to hoping this week takes a turn for the better for my lesson this weekend!

13 thoughts on “The Nope Week

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