Winter Wonderland?

Except for not?  This February we’ve had temperatures as high as 75 degrees.  I actually took the baby on a walk in a TANK TOP the other day.  Too weird.


I’m not complaining.  We’ve managed to give baths, and ride outside in beautifully thawed arenas.  So, so nice!  Dee was super excited and even went out in the front for  a short little gallop.  We kept it easy because honestly we’re having more issues with our hairy horses being super hot and lazy.  

Lesson this week was also great!  We managed to fail epically at the same little gynmastic over and over and over.  It was painful how badly we failed.

Two trot poles, a big crossrail to a vertical….except the first three time we either tripped through the poles, or jumped the last pole with the crossrail, or flopped over the crossrail to barely make it over the vertical bounce.  I kept “dropping” Dee in front of the crossrail, or right after it.  She’d then sloth her way over the next jump, carting my butt like the angel she is.

Eventually trainer had to take out the front two poles so we could make it through the grid with a semblance of order.  We jumped around the rest of the course just fine once we got going, but it was rough there for a few minutes.  Here’s our funky little course. I love bending lines on this mare because she is so very adjustable!



4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland?

  1. This weather has been crazy for us too. Outdoor riding whenever I can get there during daylight!! Also tho. I um…. I relate to struggling with those ground poles. Why are they always so much harder than actual jumps?? Lol….

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