Treating Yourself

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one spends far more time and money on taking care of everyone else (horses, family, etc.) before treating themselves.  This year, in 2017 I’m trying to focus more on taking a minute to take care of myself too.  My husband is the best, and while supporting this idea, he bought me an all day spa outing to get me started.

I loved the steam, I loved the facial, but what really got to me was the massage.  The massues talked to me beforehand out any concerns or points I wanted to make.  I told her I was naturally a bit crooked, and since getting back on post baby, I feel even more so.  By an awesome coincidence, she had grown up riding, and immediately got to work.  When I stood up once she was finished, I was shocked how much more evenly distributed I felt, just walking around the difference was marked.  I had a lesson that evening and while I was sore, I could actually feel the difference in my seat and core.  I was so impressed, and I already have plans to make this happen more often.

On the home front, I like to keep a neat house.  Sparkling clean?  Ehhhh, probably not.  Sorry Mom, but it’s never perfect.  Now with my entire first floor being hardwoods, and a baby constantly hurling her cheerios/crackers everywhere…  I was over it.  So I bought myself a new toy.

Seriously, some of the best $200 I’ve ever spent.  He’s an ILife A4, and it has completely changed how I take care of my house.  He sucks up leftover baby food, chunk of horse mud, and whatever else I drag through on carpet and hardwood.  It might seem dumb, but that buys me time each day that I don’t have to be stressing or cleaning.  Worth it.

There’s other little things too, like actually buying nice skin care products, or getting my annual physical.  But the basis is that after my 20-odd years on earth I’ve decided to take better care of myself.  They say no hoof no horse right? Well no health, no horse either.  It feels good to do something nice for yourself!  We deserve it!


More riding time is always good too!


15 thoughts on “Treating Yourself

  1. Yes! We got both a Roomba and a maid service, and it has been so wonderful. I work 50 hours a week, I am not going to feel guilty about spending some change on letting someone else clean the bathrooms for me. You go girl!

  2. I have really embraced #treatyoself in the past year or so… maybe too much. 🙂 I have a Roomba and it’s my FAVORITE thing. Makes keeping my house clean 100% easier.

  3. We love Niles aka out Roomba, we have the vac and also the wet mop version. The wet mop is slow as molasses but if I put it in the kitchen area and turn on before we go to bed it’s nice to wake up to mopped floors. We also looooooove the dyson animal stick vac we got. Incredible! Way to treat yourself

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