Happy 6 Months Double Dee

DeeDee and I are celebrating 6 months as a riding duo this month!  As you may have noted, she has been in my life for a few years now, but I’m so glad that our lease situation has worked out and hopefully benefited us both.

On her owners priority was getting the mare out and about more often.  She gets fat on air, and naturally is a curvier lady, so plenty of exercise is important.  I’m loving the physical change in her since this past August.

First up: fat Dee

Recently: Dee


Way less junk in that trunk.


Yes, it’s not night and day or anything, but I can see the difference.  Plus under tack, she has been going so much nicer.  And honestly, after my first few lessons we could only make it thru w/t/c and maybe a few jumps before we were donzo.  Fat mare is a tired mare.  That is not the case anymore!

Lessons about 5 months ago;

Jumping at the show:

Besides the physical changes over the past few months, we’ve gone on (short) road/trail walks, ridden bareback, participated in a horse show, and taken lessons galore!  Since this is my first lease as an adult I was anxious about everything, but it has been such a good fit for my lifestyle.   Dee is honest, smart, and patient.  I’m very lucky to have this little mare in my life!

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