2016 To Do List-Updated

I really should have just made my goal for 2016 to survive life as a horseless new mom.  Because then I could say HELL YES, I totally did that!

But that was not on my to do list.  Here’s a quick update on the things I did, and things I failed to do in 2016.

  1. Get back into regular lessons: A win, I’ve been back in our program full time since February or so? 
  2. Go on at least 3 trail rides, whether that’s at our facility or out at my hubs place: I went on 1 at home barn and 1 out at the ranch…so 2/3 complete?
  3. Go to a show and actually ride in it.: Bam, nailed it
  4. Ribbon in said show: Pretty red and yellow ribbons for us!
  5. Go thru my grooming box/locker/horse crap box (currently residing in garage) and cleanse all the unnecessary things: After O left, I did go through a lot of my stuff to reorganize.  I probably should make this an annual thing.
  6. Buy a new girth.  Rolex I’m looking at you. Well-no consistent “forever” horse-no need for girth.
  7. Buy something sparkly and un-hunter-y because I can!  Again-Rolex, you better bring me all the shopping goodness. It might be the tiniest bit of bling ever, but I heard it’s a gateway drug so I’m playing it safe. #hunter
  8. Try out a new discipline for fun.  Maybe Jacq will take me out on the XC course? Super fail, I just ran out of time.
  9. Introduce baby to “her” pony, the one and only Dynomite. Cuteness overload. 
  10. Learn how to drive a truck/trailer. Couldn’t convince anyone to let me try with theirs-I don’t blame them!

2016 was full of ups and downs, and plenty of change.  But as I type this up I realize that I am so happy.  I have a great horse to ride, a fantastic family, and so much to be grateful for.  Thank you for reading along.  Cheers to 2017 and all the fun it will bring!

6 thoughts on “2016 To Do List-Updated

  1. I’m honestly pretty impressed with how well you managed to keep riding and horses in your life despite not currently owning one and being so busy with the new baby!! Nice work!!

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