Secret Santa=Awesome

Again this year I was blown away by the generous and thoughtful gifts I received from the blogger gift exchange.  

Erika of An Optimist, a Pony and a Pug sent me a fantastic blinged out body brush, treats, boots socks (and they are PURPLE!!), an adorable hat and a snaffle key chain!  I haven’t gotten new brushes forever, so this not only makes my locker prettier, but more functional.  Plus, Dee is all about the treats!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies Erika!

The cute hat in action!!

And thank you for Tracy for hosting again.  I’m constantly blown away by the equestrian blogger community-ya’ll are awesome.  And if you aren’t following Erika’s blog, you have to check it out!  Gavin and her pug Fudge are simply adorable!

Happy 2017 to you all!  Let’s make it a good one!

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