Lessons, Lessons Everywhere

I’ve decided that one of the best things about the junior riders being off from school for winter break is that the lesson options open right up and I can sign up for all kinds of lessons.  Since my funk last week, I opted to throw myself back into things and see where it got me.

Well it got me into two really great lessons.  One I had to work hard in, so did Dee.  We struggled, but hung in there and ended on a great note.  The second lesson was a private and my trainer really took some time to dig into some minor things and get them fixed up.

For example-my two point.  Sad, but apparently I’ve just gotten lazy and am mostly sticking my butt out.  Time for that to be over!   We jumped around and did not have an ugly jump the whole time.  Dee was on, I was on track, and we really drilled into my head that I need to stop micro-managing (my favorite) and let the mare do her thing.  Because O was a stopper, we were really riding her like I would maybe ride a jumper, a more involved ride.  Dee would prefer me to fix the problem, and then sit quiet and let her jump up to me.  Dee does not want to be messed with on the other side of the jump either, so adding that to the “to do” list.  Not that she’s nasty about any of it, but when I do it correctly, she jumps cute as a button.

I  have thought about, and talked to my trainer about the confusing Ugly Sweater show as well.  The summary is that Dee had not been in a show environment in over a year (like me).  And since she was significantly overweight a seriously fatty just this summer, my trainer wanted to opt to end on a positive and happy note.  She was so happy with Dee and me, and really sees us doing more at our next show.  I felt much better after our discussion and have made plans to show in February.

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