Ugly Sweater Schooling

Since the Ugly Sweater Horse show was on Sunday, we opted to school mid-day on Saturday in the hopes to use as much of the warmer part of the day as we could.  When I drove up I could see Deedee asleep by her bale of hay in the field, so I practically had to drag her in to get tacked up.

The whole objective for this show is to get Dee and myself around a few courses and do it with a positive note.  Dee hasn’t shown in several years, I haven’t shown since February…2014.  So survival is key here.  Not that I had any doubts in Dee or myself, but you know, I didn’t want to make a total ass of myself.

We tacked up, hopped on, warmed up, and proceeded to jump around.  Little mare was jumping her pants off, super careful and with ears pricked up.  We were schooling the add steps, and after Dee bounced around the course without so much as a bobble we decided to call it quits.  Possibly the fastest schooling I’ve had, but hey, why drill the horse into the ground?  Another perk to having a well educated horse as a partner.

Also, I didn’t realize until after, but Dee and I matched.  Go us!

Show media and more next time! 

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