Thursday (Random) Thoughts

Because I can’t seem to gather my thoughts all into paragraph form.  Here you go.

photo (15)

Remember this beastie?

  1. I got an update on O last weekend, she’s living the life, pampered like crazy by her new people.  I miss her a lot lately, but hearing that makes it easier.
  2. Also, I rode my butt off last night.  As a result, Dee jumped like the trained horse she is.  T-10 day  until pony show.
  3. Dee will be a posing as a mountain (show) pony since we are not going to clip her and she is so FLUFFY.  #pastureponyprobs
  4. My daughter is already perfecting her two point.  Grab mane little squish.IMG_1269 (1).JPG Also yes, that’s a mule. My father-in-law is a die hard mule lover.  He’s got two riding mules right now.
  5. Bummer my daughter rode a mule before I got to.
  6. I take entirely too many pictures of my child.  But…cannot stop.  Especially when equines are involved.

She rode this one too, because when you’re a year old you do what you want.

6. I came into a bending line last night and thought my trainer said it was a six stride.  It was a five.  She corrected me right as I crawled over the first jump…so naturally “Oh shit!” was my response and then Dee and I hauled it down the line to make the five.  I was riding with a young teen.  She thinks I’m cool now.  Undecided how her parents (who were watching) feel.

7. Check out Equinpilot, she’s celebrating 500 posts (and is hosting a giveaway)!  Congrats!



15 thoughts on “Thursday (Random) Thoughts

  1. bahaha i’ve definitely inadvertently let the swear words fly while riding with younger students…… (like when my mare left a stride out jumping up a bank out of water…dear god….). also i love the little squish!!

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