Why Not?

When I first started the lease on Dee I didn’t think we’d be destined for the show ring.  It was not a place Dee or I have been since early 2015; which seems like a quite a little while ago now that I think about it.

But my barn has this annual holiday horse show.

photo 2 (9)

Rocking the sweater vest…

And there is an ugly sweater rule.  As in WEAR UGLY SWEATERS for all classes.  Since one of my bigger concerns (of the moment) is squeezing my chest into my hunt coats, I found a lot of comfort in the hideous glorious holiday sweater vest.  And well…Dee and I have been strolling right along in our lessons.  We’re working on smoothing out our lead changes, dealing with my control issues on long approaches, and me sucking less at flatwork.  Other than that I’ve been feeling very good about our progress as a duo.

You may see where this is going…and yes, Dee and I are headed to our first little horse show as a pair next month.  Lord help us both.  I have no idea what classes we can do, or really what the rest of the details are.  But I have an ugly Christmas sweater, and a super cute little bay mare who feels ready to head back to the show ring.

Here’s some fun media from back in September…Hopefully will have some more new stuff after my next few lessons.



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